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Author Topic: So here's a quick and dirty questionnaire: Evo 2017 Reveals  (Read 19 times)

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Which game reveals got you most hyped?

BlazBlue: Centralfiction Jubei reveal
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
Tekken 7: GEESE
ARIKA: Skullomania and Darun
DBFZ: Trunks
SFV: Abigail

Let me just say this: i loved the Geese reveal. I hate being that douche who name drops, but I was down on the floor with the Tekken 7 Top 8 just before they went to Mr. Wizard's suite to get paid so I could get an interview for SRK with JDCR. I was standing right next to JDCR when they dropped Geese into our minds. I watched the dude's mind get blown. I turned a looked and saw a general look of amazement on all the players' faces. That's what Namco is doing to people now. The hype was real.

That wasn't the most hype for me though. I have to admit that when ARIKA announced Skullo and Darun, I came. I don't play either character (Yet? We'll see), but Goddamn that game is something else. To see both those characters show up, I was just finished. CLOSE SECOND is a tie between BB Cross Tag Battle and GEESE. Seriously. As much as I think Tokido revitalized SFV, I feel like after all those reveals, Abigail was pretty much just a tacked on reveal. I feel like it barely had more buzz than that F2P Smash clone that they announced before Sm4sh. Amazingly even Dissidia got more buzz than Abigail, and that wasn't even a reveal.

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Re: So here's a quick and dirty questionnaire: Evo 2017 Reveals
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2017, 08:34:36 pm »
Trunks gameplay lezzfuggingo. Even though he was already announced, DBZ is and will remain my #1 hype game. Skullomania was pretty sick tho.
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Re: So here's a quick and dirty questionnaire: Evo 2017 Reveals
« Reply #2 on: Today at 12:18:13 am »
I was hyped for DBZ, but after playing it... I feel like its too shallow. Like, I feel like in the end, the roster is gonna be so fucking samey that it won't have longevity. I get the hype, I was hyped too, but I truly think Marvel Infinite is gonna be the deeper game, and DBZ hype will die out within a year. I hope to be wrong.

Note I know nothing about DBZ so maybe I am wrong, but every character in that demo played the same, and I see most DBZ characters tend to look the same (fly around and throw fireballs), so I hope to be wrong.

So, since I dont know shit about DBZ, trunks didn't have me hyped. I don't really like 3d games, so while Geese was cool (and blew my friends mine, who guessed it when he said his line, even though we dont play 3d games) I don't really plan to play tekken 7. Neither do I plan to play that Arika bullshit.

I got hyped watching Blazblue, but that game is way too fucking complicated for my life at this time. That being said, I know jack shit about the crossover, but me and my friend both were hyped to try it.

As boring as it may be, my hypest reveal was actually Abigail, which while we all knew it was coming, he looks pretty cool.

I'd put Jedah at second, even though he's not on your list
I'm most hyped on Fantasy Strike out of everything I saw actually.
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