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Author Topic: Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.  (Read 1684 times)


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Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.
« on: March 31, 2015, 04:56:16 pm »
I said I would post this at some point today so here it is. While I work on my first ever attempt to GM a mafia game(Videogame Legends: The Fight Against Industry Cancer). The game itself is still in production. One of the things I want this game to be about though is story. I want to do a good job on write ups. While at work and such, I often think about how I would have the characters interact with one another while trying to stay true to their source. Now this particular instance is very long winded. Mostly because I have already cut the bomb role from the game, and Asura along with it who wouldve been the bomb.So I had a little bit more fun writing it.

When I run this game, I will be doing it where I will end a phase with crucial information needed to continue playing. Some time after, I would post a full writeup with story and character interactions and what not.

Anyway though, this is a warm up for that. I havent written anything in quite some time and so I kinda wanted to grease the wheels by fleshing out a scenario I thought of in which Dante(Jack of all Trades) kills Asura(Bomb), but Aerith(Medic) protects Dante. Like I said I don't know if I would make the end result this long during a game, but I would definitely try to pack it full of content. Admittedly I don't know a lot about Aerith because I havent played FF7 so I don't really do her justice as a character. I still picked her as Medic anyway because I know she is incredibly iconic, as well as being a healer of sorts. So she fits.

As for the names I use in this excerpt, here they are as mafia roles as of current planning.
Solid Snake(Vigilante)
Max Payne(Undercover Cop/Detective)
Dante(Jack of All Trades)
Samus, Master Chief, Pikachu(Roleless Civilians)
Joel McHale(Mafia: Enforcer)
Corporate Commander(Mafia: Silencer)

Joel I picked as kind of comedic thing. He enforces you by turning video gaming into a cringe worthy endeavor, shutting you down with pure awkwardness.
Corporate Commander because he silences bad game reviews and pays people off to say nice things. He also brings about bad DLC policies. A terrible person.

Anyway tell me what you think. Did I get personalities and dialogue right? Is the reading easy to follow? Vocabulary diversity? Grammar? Entertaining? Boring? doyoureallyexpectmetoreadallthatshit.jpg?

This is kind of hard for me because I never share anything I write. I'm never confident in it. First time I've shared a story since middle school. Lets go!

Fun Fact: This spoiler contains 1,874 words. This was originally written in Word so it probably doesn't look as good here as it does there. Only power role deaths will result in writeups like this. This was also written in 1 and a half hours.

Spoiler for Hiden:
“So what do you think? Is he trustworthy?”

“Well, Snake, besides the overwhelming lack of information on the systems here, no news is good news I guess. Nothing to implicate a criminal history that makes him a threat to you or the mission. All we could find is that he is supposedly the son of a demon, Sparda, with a human mother. Nothing on her though.”

Snake looked up across the room to get another glance over on Dante.

“Final thoughts?”

“I’d say to roll with it for now, but keep a close eye on him! He is abnormally skilled in all ranges of combat, far or close. That’s not somebody you want sneaking up and putting a gun to your head. You could be in for real trouble if you had to fight him. But as long as he’s on our side we shouldn’t complain.”

“Thanks for the opinion Otacon. I’ll sleep with one eye open until I can be sure.”

Snake took his hand away from his ear and ended the Codec call. He then walked back to the center of the room to join the other series icons, Samus, Master Chief, Max Payne, and Dante who was accompanied by Trish and Lady.

Max Payne started speaking immediately upon Snake’s return. “Now that you’re back from your smoke break we can go over the division of labor here. As I’ve just finished explaining, not all of us popped into the real world in the same place. Dante, you’ll be going to the Mojave Desert. Seems like that’s where Asura has been spotted. The help of a demigod could be invaluable so try to play nice.”

Dante continued flipping through his Playboy magazine, largely uninterested in what the seasoned DEA agent had to say.

“Samus and Chief, you’ll be keeping tabs on some of the other characters to make sure EA and friends don’t get a hold of them. Keep an eye out for Joel McHale especially. Last time he popped up he left Pikachu duct taped to a garbage can. He hasn’t hurt anybody yet but I get the feeling that wont last long.”

Samus and Master Chief nodded. They stood and walked out of the room, with the metal clanging of their powered suits signifying their departure.

“Chief-“ Cortana decided to speak up
“-what are we doing handling all of this grunt work? We’re supposed to be fighting the enemy, not playing bodyguard to the other series icons.”

“Relax Cortana, nothing much has happened yet. We’re just going along with this until shit hits the fan. Then we’ll do what we do best.” Chief replied.

Max Payne still sat in the room with Snake and Dante.

“Snake, I need you do to reconnaissance. I have nearly no info on Corporate Commander. As the best special ops soldier here, I need you to change that. I’m hoping you can work your way into EA’s headquarters and see if you can discover anything helpful.” Snake stood and readjusted his headband “I’ll see what I can do.”

This line of conversation, however, happened to catch Dante’s attention.

“Hey GI Joe! You want to trade? Your job sounds a lot more interesting than mine. I’ll take skulking around an office building over walking through miles of desert any day. That harsh sun is bad for my complexion. Ladies like me the way I am ya know?” He said while putting his arms around the two busty women to the sides of him. Lady shot him an icy glare with her red and blue eyes before shrugging him off.

“Sorry kid, I doubt that obnoxious sword of yours is good for staying undetected. Let alone fighting in a small area. No deal.” Snake said as he passed through the door.

Dante sighed with annoyance and looked at Max. “Alright, have it your way Starsky. But you’re gonna have to cough up some cash next time you want us to do something. Devil May Cry doesn’t work for free.”

Lady already knew what he was implying. “I’m not paying you anything more for that Order of The Sword job.”

After everyone had left the room and were making preparations, Max Payne went about another matter. He had a favor to ask of Aerith and went to go find her.
“Help me out and follow Dante. I have a feeling he wont be able to resist fighting Asura. If anything goes down, use one of your spells to break it up.”
“I’ll do my best!”

*A few hours later*

“Man those girls are cold blooded. Leaving me alone to do this job all by myself. I’m gonna die of boredom before I even meet this guy.” Dante said as he trudged angrily through the dry sandy landscape.
After awhile longer, Dante spotted a small girl. She seemed young and appeared to be wearing a poncho.

“Hey there little girl! What are you doing all the way out here by yourself?”


“What was that?”


“Great. Of course you don’t speak English. Off to a great start here.”
Then from seemingly nowhere, somebody came crashing down from the skies with a thunderous sound accompanying their descent.  A dark red, muscular man with black markings all over his body stood in the small crater in the desert.  Dante noticed his physique and made a comment.

“Well hey there. That part of your workout routine macho man?”

The dark red man was not entertained. He growled in an aggressive voice. “What do you want?”
“I’m looking for this guy who supposed to be a demigod. Calls himself Asura. But judging by that little entrance of yours………Id say I’m already lookin at em.”

“Asura is indeed my name. Why do you seek me? Where am I?”

“You’re on a place called Earth. The people that created us live here. I’m looking for you because some old washed up cop told me to find you. He can explain it better than I can.”

Asura was immediately stricken by confusion. “The people that created us? What do you-

“Don’t worry about the details buddy. Just come with me and you’ll hear all about it eventually.” Dante said, cutting off Asura’s questioning.

“I will not go with you.” Asura replied. “Whatever problems you have are none of my concern. I must find a way to get my daughter home.” He said as he turned to walk away.

A devilish grin creeped across Dante’s face. “I was hoping you’d say that. Now we get to do this the hard way.” He drew Ebony and Ivory, his signature handguns with flair. Spinning them out of the holsters, around his index fingers, and finally held them parallel pointing towards Asura’s head.

The small girl gasped and began to tear up in fear. Her father’s feet came to an immediate stop. He looked at his daughter and seen tears running down her face.


Asura turned, his eyes white with blinding rage. He bared his teeth and tensed up his arms.


Before Dante could pull either trigger, he was eating a face full of metallic fist. He was sent reeling back hundreds of feet into a sand dune. He got up and regained his composure. Then he noticed the strangest thing. The man who had punched him, now had six arms.

Dante aimed his handguns once more, and fired with lightning speed. Each bullet ricocheted off of Asura’s body as if they were nothing. He realized this and stopped. “Sorry girls, looks like you aren’t much help here.”  He put the two guns away.

“TRICKSTER!” Dante crouched down and vanished in a red mist only to re-appear above Asura.

“SWORDS!” Asura looked up and seen Dante flying towards him with a large broadsword, which he swiftly jumped back to avoid. Upon touching the ground Dante thrust his sword, Rebellion, in front of him. “SSSSSSSSSHHHHYEEEEEEEAAAAAA!” Dante had started gliding forward with great speed across the ground without moving his feet. The attack met it’s mark, plunging itself into Asura’s chest causing a lightshow of sparks to burst forth from his body. “is he some kind of robot?” Dante wondered, but now was not the time to ask. Using his demonic energy, Dante shot Asura off of his blade.

Asura took a minute to recover. That attack hit him much harder than he thought it would. He called upon the power of the Mantra Reactor, not knowing if it would have any effect on him here. Luckily it did. Suddenly a sea of arms appeared behind him, which began merging. After they all combined, Asura now had two extremely large arms, each with the strength of ten thousand men. Dante
chuckled and threw his head back, embracing his Devil Trigger form with ease.

This fight went on for what seemed like an eternity. Aerith just now arriving to the scene, she saw Dante and Asura nearly at the end of their ropes. Judging by their forms and the sight of this warzone, she knew no spell she had could stop these monstrosities from tearing each other apart.

Asura wiped blood from his mouth “I grow tired of your foolishness. NO MORE GAMES!”. He set his feet into the ground and prepared to throw one punch to end everything. The power concentrated into his fist would be enough to erase himself and anything he touched from existence. The last of his life energy all put into this one attack.

“GET SET!” Dante pushed back his hair back. He opened his hand and summoned Yamato, Vergil’s sword. One hand on the sheathe, the other on the handle, he prepared to swing once more with this sword of limitless power.

Aerith knew what was about to happen. She ran as fast as she could. She screamed out  “STOP!”. Neither man could hear her call.
Asura was already flying towards Dante, propelled by the power in his hand. A jetstream almost resembling that of a rainbow trailing in his wake. “STOP! PLEASE!” Aerith screamed out once more. She approached the battle at full speed right before impact, and flung herself into the middle. The split second before Dante drew Yamato he noticed a girl in pink sliding in front of him with her arms spread wide as she faced Asura. Asura seen her and tried to redirect his attack but it was too late. He could not have reacted fast enough. He made contact with her. Aerith died on impact and became a mangled corpse of a human being.  Whereas Asura fell and slid in the sand. His body began to glow and breakup. Having spent the last of his energy, he would be dead shortly. Mithra was spared from this sight as she had long since taken cover from the battle not wanting to see her father fight.

Dante laid back in the sand, staring at the starry night sky. How long had it been since he got here? More importantly, how was he going to explain this to Max?

DANTE killed ASURA! But ASURA wasn’t having that shit!
AERITH protected DANTE! She took the bomb hit instead!

Player A died! Player A was Aerith!
*rolecard Medic

Player B died! Player B was Asura!
*rolecard Bomb
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Re: Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2015, 11:07:07 pm »
Aerith, in a nutshell, is a fairly stereotypical white mage. Meek-ish, but not a pushover, more in tune with the world around her than the rest of the party, stuff like that. In the game there's a kinda convoluted backstory about her not being completely human, but that isn't a defining part of her character, it's not some ever-present motivation that she repeats on loop as justification for her actions, so you're good.

You nailed Snake really well. Concise and snappy. Particularly that comment about "that sword isn't good for fighting in closed spaces", those kinds of details that are present in the MGS series (especially the first part of Snake Eater when EVA gives Snake the handgun and he about soils himself).

The only annoyance I have is that Aerith had come to the conclusion that she had no spells to stop the two from fighting, but after she makes that assessment decides that literally jumping in-between them would be effective. You can just change the timing of when she shows up, seeing as her part was only as a witness, or give her a better reason for sacrificing herself.
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Re: Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2015, 06:12:08 am »
Like I said I haven't played FF7. I don't know assign very well. I didn't want to spend a whole day researching her spells and skills for a warm up story that wasn't going to be used in the game. So in the end I resolved to make it seem like the powers at hand were too great for even her to handle. Plus its a medic action so she HAD to do something.

Thanks for the feedback Fuzzy.
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Re: Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2015, 07:40:59 am »
She doesn't have any particularly distinct skills, you can just write her as a female white mage and you'll be fine.

Fun fact: Apparently "mage" wasn't in my computer's dictionary and it was giving me a spelling error. Go figure.
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Re: Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2015, 07:48:12 am »
I prefer her name to be spelled as "Aeris", but not a big deal.

I liked the story and writeup, but technically you would be revealing who Dante is and that'd clash with the actual game results.

edit: I misunderstood.  But still, the write-up is missing the mafia night kill.
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Missing Person

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Re: Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.
« Reply #5 on: April 01, 2015, 08:28:11 am »
I'm assuming because he doesn't have usernames in this at all, he decided against giving out the role to anybody, and just decided to use role names.
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Re: Asura: A warm up for my first attempt to GM a mafia game.
« Reply #6 on: April 01, 2015, 09:08:40 am »
By using the role names, only two people in this writeup would know who Dante is, and they both died. The only problem would be if Aerith disclosed who she would be protecting, or if Mafia opted to know the Medic protect target. In either of those cases I couldn't do this. I've also states that I would only do a writeup like that when a power role dies. Otherwise I'd use player names and avoid action stuff so that roles are not given away.

I didn't do a Mafia kill just because I already felt this was pretty long and I'm still deciding how the Mafia works. I'm leaning towards the CEO of EA calling shots from headquarters and sending Tameem to do his dirty work, where Tameem kills characters by rebooting them. That wouldn't be every time of course but I'm thinking of a bunch of ways to handle this.

I had something else to address but I forgot what it was. Work sucks today.
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