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Aw, after I tried to defend you SM?

(and I also have that bulletproof)

So JasonC was indeed 3rd party? I'm shocked by that.

@Blindknagg was that your God?

So Wilgy switched with Audbit.. What role did you have aidebit?

{Disclaimer: Forge or Audbit today. Plus a possible dragon sighting.}

Sorry, didn't see this, but I got the allegiance of everyone with the same vote as me. Which is why I put my trust in you even after Day 2.

Wait, so there were just two mafia members?

Vote Registered For ForgeDigger

Well, I was wrong.

Vote Registered For Missing Person

@MP, wasn't it you who started the wagon on me? I don't get what you're saying because it's not like Alpha could've simultaneously done two wagons.

Well I wanted everyone united on the votes, guess that's one way of doing it.

I got SM, BK, and Alpha as 3rd party.

If you didn't receive a power that let's you steal or switch roles,  then wilgy has two powers meaning he is mafia.  Now that you trust him,  it means you are too, now.
Why? What if there happens to be a role-swapper who swapped the both of us? That was what I thought happened.

I can't deny that possibility, but I don't think it's the likely one.

And because I trust him for legitimate reasons (which I explained) I'm mafia? I don't think so.

So I still think Wilgy has a bomb power. ForgeDigger isn't as dumb as she's playing to be with space-gate. And Aidebit's been recruited as mafia.

How to confirm?

Vote Registered For Aidebit

Either he's recruited mafia, or he's gotten Wilgy's "steal powers" power, in which case, I don't want my power stolen.

How about I'm neither? Trust me, it would be cool to get steal powers as a power but this is pretty... meh.
Why do you think it has to be one of those two possibilities? There are still a good amount of people who we don't know the roles of.

How sure are you that he's not mafia and the power switcher leaves your alignments intact?

Well, unless Wilgy foresaw the power switch, I only received one power. I'm not sure, but I'm confident.

Alpha and BK are fine. But trying to say you trust both top wagons after a CFD sent it to no lynch is scummy.

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Well, what am I supposed to do? I see pretty good evidence of both Wilgy and Simple Machine not being mafia, so how can I ignore that?


That makes zero sense that you'd trust both wagons.

Vote Registered For Aidebit

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Unless Wilgy is telling the truth. Unless he's convinced me to believe him because I can't see any way for him to be lying.

I voted for the wagon on Wilgy yesterday, but now, there's no reason for me to not trust Wilgy, because of this role swap stuff.
And aren't Alpha and Blindknagg confirmed 3rd partiers?

I want to also say that I don't think Wilgy is tricking me. We must've gotten our powers swapped, and what he gave me matches up with what I would expect.

Sorry Jack, I don't trust you nor Wilgy yet. I find what you just said intriguing, but considering you've been MIA for most of the game it doesn't make me trust you any more than I already did, specially considering it looks like the mafia just gained an extra kill.

{Disclaimer: Before you switched who did you trust, after you switched who do you trust?}

Hm, yesterday, I was trusting the group who I voted with (Alpha, Blindknagg, Simple Machine). Now, I trust those guys and Wilgy. I'm feeling a bit better on trusting ForgeDigger.

I'd actually like to know your opinion on things. I'm genuinely curious!

{Disclaimer: I don't get the laughter either.}

My opinion is see what Wilgy wants to do.

I will say that I am the one who role-switched with Wilgy.

In favor of keeping what he's doing secret I'm not revealing my former role (thus confirming me to him).

But considering how I was willing to lynch him yesterday, I hope that you can all trust him.

Hm, this is weird.

It seems like you added a space at the end.

There's the possibility that Forge intentionally messed up her vote to cause a tie, though... that's what I got. Agree with the other two though.

Vote Registered For DrWilgy
Almost punched in "DrWogly"

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Absolutely, positively not. *Alpha* was killed by mafia.
Well, I was being a bit hyperbolic.

I feel like everyone's third party at this point.

Vote Registered For Blindknagg
Nothing against you BK.

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14 minutes. I'm gonna vote soon for those wondering.

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@jasonC, I'm not mafia, but I can't deny that the timing does look bad for me, except remember that did not pursue my accusation too much. If I knew Cobalt was mafia, then accusing you (which would be seen as stopping him from being lynched) would be the last thing that I'd do half-heartedly.

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 18, 2016, 04:56:42 pm »
It wasn't complete trust, but we have to start somewhere.
I see.

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 18, 2016, 03:52:40 pm »
At the time, I thought that she thought you had some sort of OP power. I am pretty sure I explained my reasoning along with my vote.
I get that, but why trust that Forge wasn't lying?

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 18, 2016, 02:31:09 pm »
I think you are civilian.

That must be a recent development, right?

Also, while I have you here, may I ask you why you trusted Forge's vote?

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 18, 2016, 01:26:40 pm »
I'm mildly suspicious of JasonC because of how fast he trusted Forge.

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 04:00:48 pm »
That depends.

Do you win if we don't lynch you today? :votebot:


Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 03:58:05 pm »
So, can we not lynch me?

I don't have a name to offer in place, but I'd like to have the chance to use my role.

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 06:09:30 am »
We got Aidebit shook. He's seeing double!

jasonCing double, you mean?

And my role is probably low on the power hierarchy of this game.

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 05:41:40 am »
There are two JasonC's in the player list by the way.
Or was that a new account who I missed out on joining?

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 05:18:18 am »
Since it looks like Forge's role allows her to see other people's roles, this looks like a "I'm scare of Aidebit" vote. It probably means we should all be scared of Aidebit. I will probably sheep Forge, since it looks like she's got the most info right now.

Vote Registered For Aidebit

Also, why trust that Forge is telling us the truth?

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 02:23:37 am »
In response to Frequent Pacific Storm Guy, I happen to like the letter " Skizzzgasm"

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 01:52:32 am »
Vynce hasn't gotten anyone to answer a question yet, so...

Well, he did pull off a brilliant knock knock joke, so there's that.

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 17, 2016, 01:27:46 am »
I'm going to vote for Aidebit, not because of RVS, but because he's role-claiming Vynce.  That's dirty as fuck.
Vote Registered For Aidebit

So mad that I blotted out the abbreviation from my mind with bleach.

In true Vynce fashion, I got someone to answer my question.

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:40:04 pm »
Ha, nice try vynce like I'm gonna fall for my own trap.

Your trap???????shift+//??/

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 16, 2016, 08:41:18 pm »
Are all of Vynce's posts going to be questions?

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 16, 2016, 05:34:21 pm »
Posting to fulfill my win condition

Old Game Threads / Re: Choose your own Mafia!: Game Start!
« on: May 16, 2016, 01:57:07 pm »
Vote Registered For Missing Person

Does RVS still make you mad MP?

Also in.

General Discussion / Re: MP is SRK's newest editor
« on: May 02, 2016, 04:33:33 am »
Congrats MP

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General Discussion / Re: So what else is going on?
« on: December 31, 2015, 09:35:19 am »
My New Year's Resolution is to hate people more.

Infinity plus one is still infinity.

General Discussion / Re: So what else is going on?
« on: December 31, 2015, 08:42:13 am »
Happy New Year from the Philippines!

(no lie, I initially typed Merry Christmas... gotta get some more sleep)

General Discussion / Re: Happy birthday Cobalt!
« on: October 10, 2015, 09:58:55 pm »
Happy birthday!

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Thank you @Bious & @Synonym for your critiques, it was a pleasure writing them for you.

Other Game Threads / Re: Mock Write-Up Assessment #3: Warriors and Wizards
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:16:48 pm »

ur just salty cuz von rekt u

Other Game Threads / Re: Mock Write-Up Assessment #3: Warriors and Wizards
« on: September 27, 2015, 03:50:39 am »
I chose to do a Jesus Toast Memes theme, because who doesn't like memes

Phase 8 - JTMassacre

Spoiler for Hiden:
Skizzz had been running for an hour when he finally gave in to the fatigue and crumpled to the ground. He knew that the Jesus Toast was isolated from everything else in the world, but he didn’t expect it to be this far. If he could get back in touch with his JTM buddies, he would’ve definitely taken a selfie for the Fitness Thread, but alas, it was too late for that.

Then, he saw it. He saw the Jesus Toast. Just the mere sight of the toast gave him enough strength to crawl his way over to it. He felt beads of sweat drop down his forehead, one even making him cringe, by getting into his eye, but he continued. This was his manna in the desert. This was the Jesus Toast.

Skizzz grabbed the Jesus Toast. He felt a slight crunch when he held it in his hands, and recalled all of the legends he heard about the Toast, about how it would give whoever ate it the power to see everything, no matter how inconspicuous, no matter how insignificant. He was scared and nervous, but at the same time, euphoric. The mere thought of having the Jesus Toast was making him excited. He broke off a small part of the Toast, and dropped it in his mouth.


The Chief parried yet another one of Synonym’s attacks. The two had been fighting in a forest, and managed to create a clearing through their attacks. Every time Synonym would swing his sword, The Chief blocked his attack with his own sword, and parried it. The Chief was impressed by Synonym’s resilience, but he knew to himself that in a battle of attrition, he would triumph.

In an attempt to catch The Chief off guard, Synonym went for a quick jab, but The Chief grabbed his hand, brought him in, and punched him straight in the face. Synonym reeled back, and blood started to drip from his nose. Synonym grabbed a large Toogs star, which was the size of Chief’s body armor, and threw it towards The Chief. The Chief caught the star, and elbowed Synonym right after. Synonym recoiled back, until he hit a tree, and saw The Chief throw the Toogs star towards him.

Synonym rolled away, but The Chief grabbed his neck before he could get far. The Chief looked like he was ready to suffocate Synonym, but Synonym started to plea, “Don’t kill me!” he said, in utter desperation. “I am… I am Vote Bot! If you kill me, who will count your votes… who will save you from quote pyramids?”

The Chief smiled. “Well, if you’re a robot…” he said. Synonym started to smile as well, hoping that The Chief would spare him. However, The Chief quickly impaled Synonym on the Toogs star. The Chief continued “…then this won’t hurt, right?”

Synonym indeed felt nothing. However, the Toogs star had destroyed the microchip that coordinated all of his actions and damaged his power source. Synonym searched his databases for one last witty remark from the SRK and JTM Mafia threads. “Phoenix Wright Mafia… II...” was his final slight against The Chief.


Sig and Bious faced each other. They were also locked in battle. Bious, who was wielding a spear, had the upper hand in the fight. Sometimes, Sig, wielding the familiar Walking Cane, could get a few good hits in, but on every other occasion, Bious had Sig outmatched. Sig had heart, however, which kept him fighting.

“I was the winner of the first Arena game! Face it, kid, you’re outclassed.” Bious yelled, as he deflected yet another one of Sig’s strikes. Bious was graceful, every one of his strikes was done with a purpose, either to put more pressure on Sig, or to advance himself forward. He avoided unnecessary strikes, and in doing so, avoided making mistakes.

Sig was on the ropes. He’d need a miracle to win this fight. Fleeing was an option, but not a very good one. Bious was faster than him. Running away would just be making himself vulnerable. But… it was the best option for him. As Bious swung his spear, Sig dashed away, instead of trying to parry, as he did before.


Skizzz could feel the power of the Jesus Toast coursing through his veins… and by extension, his throbbing boner. He felt the energy rising up through him, the energy of hundreds of thousands of salty posts… he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He had to release his energy somewhere. He spotted Sig being cornered by Bious, and decided that that was the best place to target. He closed his eyes, and felt an enormous wealth of energy leaving him… but it felt odd… it felt… like a pony.


Sig was trying to evade all of Bious’s attacks, and for the most part, succeeded. He knew that it would only be a while before Bious would start predicting where Sig would go, so Sig had to think of a plan, quickly. He thought for a bit, but with Bious constantly on his tail, he couldn’t concentrate.

A beam of golden-brown light suddenly struck the ground behind Bious. Bious turned around to look. He shouted, in a horrified manner, “Jesus Toast!”. Sig recognized the fear in his voice and, almost instinctively, took his chance to kick Bious into the pillar of light.

As soon as Bious touched the light, his body started to glow. He screamed in agony, over and over again, as his feet began to morph into stumps. Soon, his hands would follow. His body shrunk, becoming about half the size that it was previously. His head grew more circular, and his hair grew out. He felt his eyes grow larger, and he screeched once more. Finally, he felt a mark growing near his hind legs, a mark in the shape of the Jesus Toast Mafia logo. He stopped glowing, and Sig was in shock as he saw Bious’s new form, a small, blue… and admittedly, cute pony.

“Wh-What happened to me…” Bious said, as he shuddered. Sig was taken aback, but realized that it was still Bious who was in front of him, and decided to take his chance. Bious’s high-pitched wails didn’t even make Sig hesitate, in fact, it seemed to encourage Sig. After a few minutes, Bious finally uttered his final neigh, and his conscience left his bruised body.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Synonym attacked The Chief.
The Chief attacked Synonym
Skizzz scavenged the Jesus Toast
Sig attacked Bious
Bious attacked Sig

Spoiler for Hiden:
Skizzz obtained the Jesus Toast! The Jesus Toast caused a random arena hazard to affect another player!

The Chief killed Synonym! Synonym was Vote Bot!
Sig and an arena hazard killed Bious! Bious was Skizzzgasm!

Other Game Threads / Re: Mock Write-Up Assessment #3: Warriors and Wizards
« on: September 24, 2015, 06:53:03 pm »
Phase 2 - Riddle Me This

Cobalt and Vonvorto paced in a circle, each concentrating solely on the person in front of them. Cobalt, firm like an oak, knew that he had to put an end to Vonvorto, before Vonvorto grew too powerful. He brought his wand up, and a dark aura filled the arena, attracting the attention of all the people nearby.

The Chief, noticing the sudden spike in power, grabbed the Phoenix Down, and ran away from the scene as quickly as he could. Quinn did the same, but took a Luck Potion instead.

Skizzz’s attention was also taken by the growing power, and after seeing Chief flee, he grabbed the Golden Snitch, and began to run away. However, when he motioned to get his wand, just in case he needed to defend himself, he couldn’t find it.

He spotted Gagarina, who was quite far away, and upon seeing his wand in Gagarina’s other hand, silently spouted some curses to himself. He decided that being disarmed was worse than the risk of not leaving the area and becoming collateral damage, so he started to chase after Gagarina.

He kept his sight focused solely on Gagarina. He examined Gagarina’s features, his sly smile, his relaxed posture… his calm face… something was off. However, before he could think about what exactly was “off”, he suddenly felt a burning sensation at his back.

He tried to turn around, but found himself paralyzed. He tried to move anything, anything at all, but even his eyelids couldn’t respond. He saw Kaz walking over to Gagarina, and inferred that they worked together to bring him down.

“Those… weasels!” was Skizzz’s last thought, before everything went black, and his consciousness faded.

Augustus, seeing all this chaos and carnage, was forced to take a sigh of relief, knowing that he didn’t get tangled up in any of it, and also knowing that he would never be disturbed again. He took the Invisibility Cloak, wrapped it around himself, and then vanished. The waves of power from Cobalt’s wand were growing even more powerful, and even though he was invisible, Augustus knew that he would still be affected by Cobalt’s immense power if he stayed where he was. He started to scurry away as fast as he could.

“This ends now, creTin! Like, bye! Avada Kedavra!” yelled Cobalt, as he stared down Vonvorto. Vonvorto seemed serene, as if he did not fear Cobalt, but it was clear that if he continued doing nothing, Cobalt would end him.

Cobalt, with a wave of the wand, cast the Killing Curse. Vonvorto’s fate looked sealed.

“You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?” Vonvorto said, as his seemingly apathetic demeanor was broken by a sly smirk. Vonvorto raised his wand, and uttered a short incantation. Suddenly, all of the dark energy in the atmosphere seemed different. It did not reflect the power of Cobalt, rather, it gave off Vonvorto’s energy.

Seeing this, the rest of the players started to run even faster from the duel. However, they were all being watched by Leaflord, who had yet to make any moves, and chose to watch the players from afar.

Meanwhile, Cobalt’s expression had distorted, to one filled with focus, to one which embodied shock, and, fittingly, terror.
“Say goodbye,” said Vonvorto, “it was fun while it lasted!”

Cobalt immediately felt the effects of Vonvorto's counterattack. After a few seconds, Cobalt couldn't help butfall  to his knees, and immediately after that, all life left his body, and he toppled backwards. Cobalt’s body turned white, and all of the dark energy in the area was dispelled.

The other challengers turned back, and saw Vonvorto standing over Cobalt’s corpse. They hurried back, in utter awe of Vonvorto’s display of power. Even Augustus and Leaflord, who were doing their best to stay hidden, went closer to Vonvorto.

“And with his death… I’m done.” Vonvorto said, as he started to glow. A white light surrounded his body, and his legs soon joined his body. Before long, his whole body was gone, mixed with the light. After some time, he was completely gone, and the light disappeared.

There were some swears among the crowd of players, and some expressions of confusion, but they were all interrupted by Leaflord. “Baubillious!” yelled Leaflord. The players tried to cast defensive spells, but they knew that on such short notice, they wouldn’t be able to dodge the spell. Leaflord was able to land a hit on everyone.

“Aw, no one died,” observed Leaflord. The players looked around, and saw that everyone managed to deal with the spell, either by taking it directly, or using defensive tactics. They all turned towards Leaflord.

“Let’s get him!” yelled Gagarina. The others nodded in agreement, but by the time they looked back at Leaflord, he was already gone. Gagarina thought to himself that he shouldn’t have shouted it out like that.

The wizards stood in the arena, which was now the home of a great battle. They looked at each other, and each started to think about what their next plan of action would be. One by one, the wizards left the impromptu gathering.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Cobalt attacks Vonvorto with a Killing Curse.
The Chief scavenges a Phoenix Down.
Kaz attacks Skizzz with a Stun Blast.
Gagarina uses their ability and disarms Skizzz of their wand.
Quinn scavenges a Luck Potion.
Augustus scavenges an Invisibility Cloak.
Vonvorto activates their ability and nullifies and counters Cobalt’s attack.
Skizzz scavenges the Golden Snitch.
Leaflord uses their ability and does 1 damage to all players.

Spoiler for Hiden:
The Chief obtained a Phoenix Down.
Quinn obtained a Luck Potion.
Augustus obtained the Invisibility Cloak.

Skizzz obtained the Golden Snitch, but was killed by Kaz! Skizzz was Ginny!
Cobalt was killed by Vonvorto. Cobalt was Voldemort!
Vonvorto fulfilled their win condition by killing Voldemort and was removed from the game. Vonvorto was Harry Potter!

Other Game Threads / Re: Mock Write-Up Assessment #3: Warriors and Wizards
« on: September 23, 2015, 02:46:37 pm »
@DrWilgy and @Aidebit got three days.

Aidebit if you really don't know Harry Potter write about Lord of the Rings instead.
I have learned enough about HP, so I'll just go with that.

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