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Loser's Lounge Archive / Did you get away with murder or nah?
« on: April 19, 2016, 09:28:59 pm »

I have to lol at this with someone because not only did you lose to RNG day one but the cop is about to investigate the 1/2 left that's not godfather.

But it's ok because the vigi is shooting the medic because he submitted before Wilgy flipped.  Skizzzgasm

Old Game Threads / Jesus Toast Mafia IX: How To Get Away With Murder
« on: April 17, 2016, 01:38:57 pm »
Cobalt was killed! Cobalt was...

Spoiler for Character:

Hannah Keating scrubbed the furious tears from her eyes as she sat in the office of District Attorney Wendy Parks. In attendance were D.A. Parks herself and Judge Millstone, who had been contacted due to his son's closeness to Annalise Keating. "I know she did it," Hannah finished. "I know she killed him. And I will have justice, no matter what it takes."

D.A. Parks stepped forward and placed her hand over Hannah's on the desk. "Don't worry, Mrs. Keating. We will do everything in our power to bring Annalise and her group of criminals to justice. She couldn't have been the only one in on this... we need people sniffing all over that group like bloodhounds."

"Yes, but the law may not be on our side this time," Judge Millstone provided. "If she did do this, she's covered her tracks. Professionally. If we want to get justice, we may need to use... less palatable means."

"You do everything in your power to put them away or see them dead, I don't care what it takes," Hannah said bitterly.

D.A. Parks nodded. "I'll begin working the case of Sam's murder against Nate Lahey to keep them distracted. While that's happening, we need to find out everything we can about their group and what they're hiding. I'll leave that to the rest of you."

Judge Millstone nodded, looking back to Hannah. "Are you in on this with us? This is your mission. We will do everything in our power to see it through, but we could use your help."

Hannah Keating looked back at her with a vicious smile. "I always hated that bitch anyway. Let's get her dead."

Do not begin posting until I post the start of the day.

**Please send me a reply PM if you have received your role.

Day will begin tomorrow (Monday) morning at 9 AM EST. Voting deadline will be Tuesday, April 19th at 9 PM EST. The final votebot counter at that time marks the end of the Day phase and posting will cease at that time.

It is not yet Day phase. This will be updated when the game begins.

Fruit Punch Samurai G
Pimp Willy
Simple Machine

This is where evil corrupt judge Pimp Willy gets to consult with tall, leggy fox Alpha about newly brotherless, distraught DrWilgy on how to get revenge on Annalise Keating and her naughty, naughty associates.

Have fun boys!~ You may discuss here beginning as soon as you see this until the game begins.

Sign-up Threads / Jesus Toast Mafia IX: How To Get Away With Murder
« on: April 10, 2016, 09:04:41 am »
The D.A.'s office has grown tired of the mystery and shadiness surrounding Annalise Keating's law firm. D.A. Wendy Parks and A.D.A. Emily Sinclair have teamed up with estranged sister Hannah Keating to get to the bottom of Sam Keating's murder... no matter what it takes, or who they have to kill to achieve justice. Together with the corrupt Judge Millstone, the four will be the biggest challenge that Annalise and the Keating Five have ever faced. But will they come out on the other side alive?

(I'll be recycling old writeups as often as I can because I'm lazy jsyk :rip: )



General Idea:
A number of players are thrown into a situation where you don't know who to trust. There are two teams: the Civilians and the Mafia. In addition, some players are Third Party and have their own win conditions.

There are two phases: Day and Night. During Day, all players deliberate and submit a vote on a player. The player with the most votes is lynched and eliminated from the game. During Night, the mafia deliberate to kill and eliminate a player from the game. The civilians win the game once all mafia have been eliminated. The mafia win the game once their numbers are greater than the number of civilians.

Game Size:
13 Players.
9 Civilians
3 Mafia
1 Third Party

This will be an open setup, with simple, standard roles to get us back in the mafia flow. (I didn't write this for JTM it was also GTF's post-break game :skull: )

Town will have cop, medic, vigilante, and lovers. Mafia will have godfather, enforcer, and one vanilla. Third party will be one survivor.

One whole cycle (Day and Night) will amount to 48 hours. The Day phase will last 36 hours, starting from 9:00 AM EST and ending at 9:00 PM EST the following day. The Night phase will last 12 hours, starting from 9:00 PM EST and ending at 9:00 AM EST the following morning.

Posting is allowed during all phases.

No Lynch is always a valid option at any point of the game. Votes are to be submitted in the thread with the following format:

Code: [Select]
When you are lynched or otherwise die, your allegiance and role will be revealed.

Tie votes will not result in no lynch. If a tie occurs, I will publicly roll a dice with however many sides the tie contains, and specify which number is for which lynch. For example:

Spoiler for Hiden:
There is a tie between Augustus, Missing Person, and Bious. If I roll a 1, Augustus will be lynched. If I roll a 2, Missing Person will be lynched. If I roll a 3, Bious will be lynched.

This dice roll has been tampered with!
This dice roll has been tampered with!
Rolled 1d3 : 1, total 1

Augustus was lynched!

Once you have been lynched or killed, your allegiance and role will be revealed. You may no longer post in the game thread nor are you allowed to coach any remaining players.

Disqualification & Rules:
  • Roleless civilians may not claim the name on their role card. This is to give mafia viable roleless claim cover and not allowing role claiming to be used as a crutch to solve the game.
  • Missing a vote will result in a warning. Missing a second consecutive vote will DQ you from the game.
  • Do not PM anyone playing the game about the game. If I find out, it will result in an automatic DQ.
  • Do not post any screenshots or direct quotes of PMs I send you. That will result in an automatic DQ.
  • Harassment of another player in any form outside the context of the game thread will result in an immediate godkill. This is a zero tolerance policy.
  • Threats of leaving the game or disqualification, as well as encouraging other players to forfeit or concede, will not be permitted. You may be warned, but I reserve the right to DQ at my discretion.
Starting Date:
This game is estimated to begin around Monday, April 18th. If we fill up early and everyone's in for an early start then we'll do so.


1. @jasonC
2. @✰Alpha✰
3. @ForgeDigger
4. @Fruit Punch Samurai G
5. @Synonym
6. @Blindknagg
7. @kaz
8. @Pimp Willy
9. @RadicalFuzz
10. @Simple Machine
11. @Augustus
12. @DrWilgy
13. @vonvorto

1. Missing Person
2. Citrus

General Discussion / Gloop got lost in the streets for awhile.
« on: August 29, 2015, 04:47:43 pm »

Glad you're on the recovery, @Augustus . Mangy much?  Skizzzgasm

Old Game Threads / Jesus Toast Mafia VI: Teen Wolf
« on: August 10, 2015, 10:26:52 pm »
Spoiler for Story:
They had reconvened in the same place, an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. Having long since disposed of Liam’s body, they hadn’t yet managed to get the bloodstains off the floor. Not that anyone particularly cared.

Pacing back and forth with a controlled tension, Kali muttered under her breath before addressing her colleagues. “We need to make the first move, and we need to make it soon. Otherwise, they’re going to start to figure things out.”

“The eldest Hale is the main problem I foresee,” Jennifer mentioned, stepping out from the shadows. “She’s the one who told everyone to split up and stay non-confrontational. If anything, her insight and logic is what we need to get rid of the most, that and it will scramble the Beacon Hills pack.”

“But if we keep her alive, we can turn their suspicion towards her not being who she says she is,” Kali ruminated, leaning against the table. “She has strong logic, but that can be the thing that plants the seed of doubt in their minds.”

“But do we risk her leading the charge in uncovering our identities?” Deucalion asked.  “I think the threat outweighs the potential for mind games down the line, but I suppose this must be some form of democracy after all..."

"Do we let her live and risk her figuring us out, or do we kill her now to shut her up and leave them scrambling?" Matt asked. "That's our dilemma."

Ennis stepped out of the shadows, cracking his knuckles. "She's the prime target. Don't make me take this into my own hands." Kali's eyes narrowed at him, but he shrugged it off. "It's our best possible first move. We need to cut off their head before it bites us in the ass."

"So be it." Deucalion moved for the door, his eyes beginning to glow. Let's get a move on then.

It was one of the most awful sights they had ever laid eyes on. Laura's eyes were bloody holes in her face, her neck was slit, her limbs were skewed at awkward angles. She was broken, sliced, and gored like a hunted animal. The group shuffled nervously, some distraught, some gravely serious, others impossible to read.

"Where is she?" a voice called from the edge of the group. They were congregated around the front yard of the old burnt husk of the Hale house. There was a snarl, then a loud growl. "I said where is she?" A few people showed protest, trying to hold back the one person who would find the most grief with this.

Stiles approached Derek carefully. "Please. You... you don't want to see this, Der." Derek's stomach dropped out, he swallowed thickly, shaking his head in denial before shoving through the group to the center. He saw Laura's bloody broken body, threw his head back, and howled.

The group cleared out to the side of the house, leaving Derek and Cora alone with the body of their sister. Stiles kept a close eye on Derek, and saw his eyes flash red. The alpha status had passed down, then. Derek was now the Hale alpha, yet the Hale pack was one with Scott and his friends. Stiles wasn't sure how well the dynamic of two alphas was going to work, because Laura had mostly kept to herself, but given the current situation, that was certainly not their top priority.

Murmurs and whispers amongst themselves became arguments and shouts of accusation. The group was confused, hurt, and angry, and the tension was building quick. Stiles wasn't sure how to diffuse this situation and get to the bottom of this, so he steeled himself. He sure as hell was ready to try.

Cobalt was killed! Cobalt was...

Spoiler for Character Role:

It is now Day. Beginning at 10AM EST, you will have 36 hours to submit a vote. The phase will end Wednesday, 8/12 at 10PM EST. (The game is starting now but I'm too lazy to count up how many hours that is til the end of the phase.)

Adam Levine
Amalgam Ego
Bass The Clever
Fruit Punch Samurai G
Jefferson Reed
Missing Person
Pimp Willy

Oh, a small announcement. A small adjustment has been made to Malia's role. Thief ability may also steal Serial Killer. That is all. Go wild kids.

Hyperlinks to player posts:

Prologue and Rules
Day One
Night One
Day Two
Night Two
Day Three
Night Three
Day Four
Night Four
Day Five
Night Five
Day Six
Night Six
Day Seven
Night Seven
Day Eight

@Cosmizard replaced by @Bious
@Phorcys replaced by @fingersplints
@Bass The Clever replaced by @vonvorto
@Raevyn replaced by @Calcifer - @Calcifer replaced by @Barbeller

Loser's Lounge Archive / Teen Wolf Mafia - Loser's Lounge
« on: August 10, 2015, 10:19:18 pm »
Beep boop, welcome to the loser's lounge.

@ForgeDigger , pinggggg.

Next person who can see this thread, u dead af. #byefelicia

Lovers' Conversation Archive / Teen Wolf Mafia - Sterek
« on: August 10, 2015, 10:17:43 pm »
Beep boop, welcome to the lover's chat. This is where Stiles and Derek have lots of buttsex.

jasonC - Derek Hale
Augustus - Stiles Stilinski

Don't blow each other too hard while I'm asleep, kay?

Mafia Conversation Archive / Teen Wolf Mafia - Outsiders
« on: August 10, 2015, 10:16:30 pm »
Beep boop, welcome to the mafia chat. We have...

XthAtGAm3RGuYX - Deucalion
Missing Person - Kali
Bass The Clever - Ennis
Sig - Jennifer Blake
Jefferson Reed - Matt Daehler
Metalmarsh89 - Gerard Argent
DrWilgy - Aiden

I foresee big things from this group. Have fun. ;)

Sign-up Threads / Jesus Toast Mafia VI: Teen Wolf - Signups!
« on: August 03, 2015, 10:28:47 pm »
Spoiler for Hiden:
Liam Dunbar sat strained against the ropes binding him to the chair, eyes wide with fright and glowing a shocking gold. He had struggled against the tape binding his mouth, too, but nothing was giving. He let out a groan of pain when he moved his arm, the ropes digging into his flesh giving an intense burning sensation, scarring him an angry red.

“Hmm, you like? They’re laced with wolfsbane. Rather inventive to weave it in that way, don’t you think?” Deucalion paced the edge of the room, the sunglasses on his face allowing nothing to be given away from his blind eyes, but the thin, malicious smirk on his face said it all. “You can thank our friend Jennifer for that, though I should call her Julia… I’m quite glad we were able to put aside our differences.”

Kali strode gently into the spell circle drawn out on the floor, passing the elder branch to the Darach gingerly, with an almost cautious grip. “Do not disturb her, Deucalion. This is delicate.” The Darach snapped a piece off the elder branch and dropped it into the bubbling mixture in front of her, continuing her chant in archaic Latin. The mutilated flesh on her face was twisted into some mask of concentration. “Now, Ennis,” Kali commanded.

Ennis drew the long, wavy blade and stepped behind Liam, holding it in front of the boy’s face. Liam took in a sharp breath through his nose, struggling against his bonds despite the way they injured him so. “I would tell you to stop struggling, but that makes it more fun,” Ennis told him, a wicked smile gracing his features from where he stood behind the boy.

He ripped the tape off Liam’s mouth, and the boy’s gasps grew more even as he steeled himself. “They’ll find you. Scott will find you. We have people on our side now - more people know. They know you’re a threat. They will take you down.”

Ennis rolled his eyes, set the blade at the side of Liam’s neck, pressed in, and slowly drew it across the boy’s throat, slitting it wide open. Liam gurgled, blood cascading down his neck and dribbling from his open mouth as he lost control over his body, slumping forward in his bonds in the chair.

Gathering the boy’s blood in a bowl, Aiden brought it to the Darach, carrying it carefully so as not to spill. The Darach held it high, her chant coming to a peak, before pouring it into the mixture, which began to froth and boil roughly before coming to complete stillness.

As she stood, the Darach’s face, one of a mass of twisted scar tissue and old mutilations, morphed back into the face of Beacon Hills High School’s English teacher, one Miss Jennifer Blake. “It is done,” she said. “They’ll lose sense of identity, they won’t even recognize each other. We’ll be able to hide in plain sight among them. This is our opportunity to get rid of the true alpha, and his pack. To eliminate our adversaries and gain control over our territory.”

Deucalion smirked. “And our allies?”

Kali crossed to him, sharply clawed toes grazing the floorboards as she did so. “Firmly on board. The boy has his lizard on a leash, and the old man is working on swaying his granddaughter. It will be difficult, as we cannot tell them apart either, but we know who we are. We must stand strong.”

Deucalion surveyed his allies, eyes glowing a fierce, awful red behind the sunglasses he wore constantly. “Good. Take out Hale, the eldest child. That’s where we begin.” His laugh started small, and grew in volume until the rest of the group eyed their leader with caution.

They may have been following a madman, but they all had something to gain.

Pushing open the door to the loft, Scott froze.

The loft was full of strangers, and he could smell wolves. He slid back into a defensive stance, growling and flashing his red alpha eyes as he shifted, drawing the attention of the group, before coming to a decisive pause when he realized the smell that permeated his nose was mostly of his pack, though it was too cloudy to tell which scent belonged to which person. His senses were clogged, almost, as though an ethereal mist was weighing down on him.

“Uhh…” he stopped, fangs and morphed face retreating. “What is going on?”

“We have no idea,” one of the group said. Scott did not recognize the voice. “Scott, I assume… Nobody can recognize each other. Faces, voices, anything. This is Lydia speaking.” The others seemed to defer to her with some sort of respect; given her abilities and intelligence, this was no surprise.

“Of course, we have no way of knowing whether or not she’s telling the truth, but I guess that’s for the whole group to decide,” a ruminating voice called from the loft’s spiral staircase in the corner. Scott’s best guess was Peter, he liked to lurk on the edge of the room.

“Fact is, there’s too many of us here. The alpha pack and Jennifer have allies, and considering the size of our pack and our allies, it’s very likely that all of our enemies are here, right here, right now.” The careful, calculative voice could have belonged to any of Scott’s friends or enemies, but he couldn’t put a finger on whom.

The realization caused several people to grow in nervousness, some growing wary, and some tension growing that could quickly grow out of control as people whispered amongst themselves.

A clear, powerful female voice split the confusion. “Stop. Split up, find our bearings, and figure out our next moves. We’re not going to get anywhere by being at each other’s throats. Laura here.”

“I agree,” another female voice came. “Let’s figure this out for ourselves, we can’t go killing people unless we know for certain that they’re one of our enemies. Let’s not be too hasty.”

Murmuring in agreement, the group split up until only two remained.

Stiles heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, good, it’s clear that the spell wasn’t strong enough to impact our mate bond.” Derek crossed the room to him, gathering him in his arms with careful strength. Stiles sighed and leaned into him. “I’m scared. We’re going to lose people. Lose pack.”

Derek  nodded, the look on his face grim. “It’s clear that we’re the only two people who recognize each other. Unless… one or two of them had their gazes lingering on one person or another. Maybe some of our enemies can tell some of us apart, but not most of us.”

Stiles crossed the room and began pacing. “This isn’t good, Derek. The pack… you.”

Derek nodded once more. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you. As long as I have breath in my body.”

Stiles nodded in agreement. “Let’s sleep on this… we’ll have to get started on figuring it out with the group tomorrow. At least we have each other.”

As Derek  fell asleep with his mate in his arms, he sighed with worry. Their pack may become smaller yet, and he didn’t know if he would be able to bear it.

Liam Dunbar is dead. He was aligned with the Pack.

((Yeah, some of these writeups gon' be gay as fuck.))

The Alpha Pack and other sinister villains from Teen Wolf have decided to put aside their differences and eradicate the Beacon Hills pack once and for all. Disguised through dark magic, the Pack are put in a situation in which they need to figure out the identity of their enemies and get rid of them before it's too late.

General Idea:
A number of players are thrown into a situation where you don't know who to trust. There are two teams: the Pack and the Outlaws. In addition, some players are Unaffiliated and have their own win conditions.

There are two phases: Day and Night. During Day, all players deliberate and submit a vote on a player. The player with the most votes is lynched and eliminated from the game. During Night, the Outlaws deliberate to kill and eliminate a player from the game. The Pack wins the game once all Outlaws have been eliminated. The Outlaws win the game once their numbers are equal to or greater than the number of the Pack.

Game Size:
Role madness: 30 roles necessary for signups.
19 Pack (Civilians)
4 Unaligned (Third Party)
7 Outsiders (Mafia)


After you sign up, you may (not mandatory) PM me a numbered list of five roles that you would like to be (1 being your most desired role and so on). Your list can influence what your assigned role will be, though there is no guarantee you will receive any of your desired roles. Last time this game was run, everyone who sent in a list received a role that was on their list, obviously not all participants could receive their most desired role, but only half the players sent them in, and everyone was able to get one.

Spoiler for Civilians:

Sheriff Stilinski
Detective: You may target one player each night. Your result will be given as innocent, guilty, or inconclusive.

Melissa McCall
Medic: You may target one player each night. That player will be protected from all kill attempts that phase. You may not target yourself.

Scott McCall
True Alpha: You have one stock each of investigation, protection, and vigilantism. You may target one player with one stock during the night phase. You are informed of Alan Deaton's identity.

Stiles Stilinski
Lover: You are informed of Derek Hale's identity and have a separate conversation from the main game. If Derek is killed at night, you will die instead.

Derek Hale
Lover: You are informed of Stiles Stilinski's identity and have a separate conversation from the main game. If Stiles is killed at night, you die instead.

Allison Argent
Huntress: Your ability becomes active once Kate Argent makes a kill, otherwise by night three. You may target one player for a kill attempt at night. There will be a one phase cooldown in between your kills.

Lydia Martin
Banshee: You may target one player each night. You will be informed who, if anyone, targeted that player. If that player is Jackson Whittemore, they convert to civilian. In addition, you will be notified by the GM if more than two kills are submitted at the night phase, and may submit a "scream" to the GM to be published before the end of the night phase.
***Scream content is deliberated by the GM and Lydia and published in the form of a writeup and is not a direct message.

Isaac Lahey
Messenger: At Night, you may send a message to be published by the GM at the end of the night phase, with a limit of 140 characters.

Erica Reyes
Bombshell: Your votes count three times during the day phase. Extra votes will not be shown.

Vernon Boyd
Intimidate: You may target one player at night. That player may not vote the following day phase. In addition, if that player is mafia, their ability will be nullified for that night.

Cora Hale
Innocent: If you are lynched during the day, the lynch will fail, and your role will be revealed.

Danny Mahealani
Hacker: You may target one player each night. If that player is Sheriff, Lydia, or Chris Argent, you will receive a list of all results that player has gotten in the game. You may not target the same player twice.

Kira Yukimura
Nine Tails: You are invulnerable to kill attempts made on you during the night phase, aside from Triple Kill. If you are targeted by a kill, you will survive, and your role will be revealed.

Malia Tate
Thief: You may target one player each night. If that player dies, you gain the use of their ability. This will only work on civilian abilities, with the exceptions of Parrish, Braeden, Ethan, and Derek or Stiles.

Chris Argent
Tracker: You may target one player each night phase. You will be informed who, if anyone, that player targeted that night.

Jordan Parrish
Phoenix: If you are targeted by Kate Argent, you will survive arson, and kill her.

Twin: You may target one player each night. If you successfully target Aiden, his mafia player will die, and his card will merge with yours. You will gain a new card, as the Twins, and you will also gain Aiden’s secondary ability.

Alan Deaton
Emissary: You are informed of Scott McCall's identity. You only win if he survives until the end of the game.

Mercenary: You may target one player each night. If that player is Marin Morrell, she will contract you for a kill. You may also be targeted by Morrell for a contract. If contracted by Morrell, you both gain a kill stock.

Spoiler for Third Party:

Marin Morrell
Ulterior Motives: May target one player each night and reveal her identity to them. If that player is Braeden, or if targeted by Braeden, both characters gain a kill stock. If that player is mafia, Morrell turns mafia, but may still search for Braeden. Wins with civs if only Braeden is targeted, wins with mafia if converted. Cannot win if she does not target Braeden or mafia.

Jackson Whittemore
Kanima: You are a traitor. If anyone targets you, they will be paralyzed and lose their ability for one phase, with the exception of Lydia and Danny. If Lydia targets you, you convert to civilian, and lose the ability to paralyze. If you are not converted by night three, Matt Daehler gains one kill stock for use through you. You win with mafia if you are unconverted, and you win with civilians if converted.

Peter Hale
Survivor: You only win the game if you are alive at the end of it.

Kate Argent
Serial Killer: You may target one player at night. That player will be killed. You only win if you're the last person standing. You have one phase of cooldown between your kills, unless the mafia has all been killed, in which case the cooldown is removed.

Spoiler for Mafia:

Demon Wolf: You are responsible for submitting the night kill for the mafia. In lieu of this, you may send in a guess of three players and their roles. If you guess all three correctly, all three will die regardless of their abilities. If you do not guess correctly, no kill occurs. This ability will be passed down to a mafia of your choice if you die, and will continue to pass down until all mafia are eliminated.

Enforcer: You may target one player each night. That player's ability will be nullified for that phase.

Strongman: You may target the mafia kill target at night. The target will die regardless of any resistances or immunities to night kill, including medic targets, Boyd, and Kira. This ability may only be used twice.

Jennifer Blake
Darach: Using dark druid magic, you may silence one player each night. That player will be unable to post in the following day phase. If the Sheriff investigates you, he will receive an innocent result.

Matt Daehler
Handler: If Jackson has not been targeted by Lydia Martin and converted to civilian by night three, you gain one kill stock for use through your kanima. You do not know his identity.

Gerard Argent
Influence: You may target one player each night. If that player is Allison Argent, you may redirect her kill target to a target of your choice. You may also target one additional player. That player, if investigated, will be revealed as the opposite alignment.

Twin: You may target one player each night. If that player is Ethan, he will be converted to mafia. In addition, if you are lynched during the day, you may choose a player that voted for you to die. If you are killed at night, whoever killed you dies as well.

Spoiler for Priority List:
Lover (sacrifice) > Enforce > Strongman > Medic > Thief > Triple Kill > Nine Tails > Night Kill > Kanima (Traitor) > Intimidate > Influence (Redirect & Forger) > Twin (Aiden/Ethan) > Huntress > Phoenix > Serial Killer > Handler (kill stock) > Mercenary (kill stock) = Ulterior Motives (kill stock) > Darach (Silence) > Detective > Banshee > Tracker > Hacker > Messenger

Day Phases will last 36 hours. (10 AM to 10 PM EST). In certain circumstances due to my work schedule, phase ends may sometimes be delayed, in which case I will ask that players not post in the thread past the deadline until I am home to post results. This will hopefully be a rare occurrence.

During the day phase, players must decide who they would like to lynch and submit a vote. Players who do not vote for two phases in a row will be DQ'd and their role will be revealed unless a suitable replacement is ready to take their place.

Night phase will last 12 hours. (10 PM to 10 AM EST). During this phase, the mafia will decide who they want to kill. All night actions must be submitted to be by PM, the deadline for which is 30 minutes before the end of the phase (9:30 AM EST), for writeup purposes and to prevent last minute confusion.

Talking is allowed during all phases.

No Lynch is always a valid option at any point of the game. Votes are to be submitted in the thread with the following format:

Code: [Select]
When you are lynched or otherwise die, your allegiance and role will be revealed.

Tie votes will not result in no lynch. If a tie occurs, I will publicly roll a dice with however many sides the tie contains, and specify which number is for which lynch. For example:

Spoiler for Hiden:
There is a tie between Augustus, Missing Person, and Bious. If I roll a 1, Augustus will be lynched. If I roll a 2, Missing Person will be lynched. If I roll a 3, Bious will be lynched.

This dice roll has been tampered with!
This dice roll has been tampered with!
Rolled 1d3 : 1, total 1

Augustus was lynched!


Spoiler for Missing Person's Common Sense Rules:
1. Do not PM anyone playing the game. If you are mafia, keep your talk in the mafia conversation. If you're one of the lovers, keep your chat inside the Lovers conversation. You should not be PMing anyone. If you have any questions regarding gameplay, PM me. If someone PMs you that shouldn't be, do not mention it in the thread, just PM me with the the contents of it. PM'ing once will result in a DQ. Habitually doing so will result in a ban. (Things not game related will not result in any penalty, but to keep the integrity of the game, if someone playing PMs you, please report it to me.)

2. No coaching after you're dead. This includes outside of JTM. I don't care what format you're thinking of using, be it Battle.net, AIM, MSN, Skype, Smoke Signals, Texts, Morse Code. Don't do it. Also, because this has happened recently, I will not verify any of your hunches after you die. Keep it to yourself, take it to the Loser's Lounge, if someone shares information they know, don't bring it to anyone else's attention that's still in the game. If someone does this, PM me with the proof, and that person will face a ban.

3. No discussing or plotting to break or bend the rules in your private conversations, lovers and mafia. I'll be in those conversations anyway, so that should go without saying. But just in case you think you can do it while I'm sleeping, think again. If you start discussing something that I don't immediately catch, and that action is taken, once I find out, the perpetrator of the act and the instigator will both receive bans and DQs.

4. Do not try to get removed from the game after it already starts, or try to break the rules to get DQ'd. If something super unexpected happens, I'll try to be reasonable, but overall, if you know you're going to be busy, and unable to play at all, don't sign up. If you suddenly see a full schedule hit your plate just before we start, ask me to take your name off the list, and I'll put in an alternate. After we start, I'm not going to take your name off unless you have a really good reason, and I can find an alternate to take your place. Otherwise, don't deliberately break a rule just to get a DQ. You will not just get a DQ, but banned.

5. Do not post any PMs, even as a joke. If you are going to make an image joke regarding PMs, at least make it obvious that it's a joke (e.g. make it using MSPaint.) [Better yet, don't do this at all. Idek what that means.]

6. English only in game. No foreign languages or encrypted posts are allowed. This prevents the open flow of information. I will make certain exceptions for certain foreign words that have entered the English vernacular, such as "Hasta la vista," or "Por que?" but an entire post in a foreign language will not be permitted.

7. No making wagers in game. This wagering JTM accounts or self-bans is not going to fly anymore, period. Don't do it, I will DQ you if you do.

8. Cut the personal attacks out.  There is a line between in-game shit talk and gamesmanship, and just being a dickhead and being hateful toward other players.  This is starting to get out of hand.  If I tell you to curb it, just do it.  Keep it up, and enjoy a DQ.

I am dead serious about the personal attacks rule. I will not hesitate to modkill you immediately if you are way out of line. Cut the shit.


  • Expect my writeups to be of the same quality as the prologue, though probably not nearly as long most of the time. I'm passionate about the Teen Wolf fandom, love to write it, and encourage you to watch the show if you have not yet seen it. I WILL NOT be hinting at the identities of any players' roles in the writeups. Any conclusions or extrapolations that you may draw are yours and yours only.
  • Medic protection of either the detective or the detective's target, as well as third party roles and an enforce on the detective, will yield an inconclusive result.
  • Lydia's scream ability will be posted publicly in the form of a writeup. The content of this will be discussed between the GM and Lydia's player. Hints may be included, but will be minimal or difficult to decipher.
  • If Ethan successfully targets Aiden, Aiden's player dies and Ethan becomes The Twins. The player will receive a new card, and take over Aiden's secondary bomb ability.
  • To clarify a mechanic of this role madness game, the triple kill ability that the mafia possesses discourages role claiming. This makes it more of a shot in the dark for roles such as Morrell who would need to find Braeden, and Ethan who would need to find Aiden and vice-versa. When Deucalion dies, this ability is passed down to another mafia member, and so on until all mafia is eliminated.
  • Should the mafia be eliminated and the Serial Killer remain alive, Triple Kill may be passed to prevent claiming to victory. We will play this by ear if it happens.
  • If Kira is targeted by a kill, or if Cora is the majority lynch vote, their identity and role WILL be revealed, though they will live and keep playing.
  • Players affected by Boyd's ability WILL receive warnings for not voting to prevent metagaming. You of course will not be DQ'd if affected by Intimidate.

Current Signups:
1. @DrWilgy
2. @quinn
3. @✰Alpha✰
4. @Missing Person
5. @Wolf
6. @Adam Levine
7. @Blindknagg
8. @jasonC
9. @Jefferson Reed
10. @myusername22
12. @Pimp Willy
13. @XthAtGAm3RGuYX
14. @Metalmarsh89
15. @Scotty
16. @Synonym
17. @Sig
18. @Gagarina
19. @Fruit Punch Samurai G
20. @Zeus
21. @Augustus
22. @SVS
23. @Rico
24. @Bass The Clever
25. @descuffphoenix
26. @Cosmizard
27. @Phorcys
28. @Raevyn
29. @Flaggermus
30. @Amalgam Ego

1. @Bious
2. @Calcifer

Mafia General / Last minute substitute needed!
« on: May 20, 2015, 01:07:08 pm »
My game on GTF was compromised. There's nobody else here that's still playing in that game so I can reveal this here. A player in spectator's chat (basically loser's lounge on skype) sent an unwarranted, not asked for message on Skype to a player that was still in the game and revealed privileged information to them. I'm looking for a last minute substitute for this game, because the player came clean to me and did not act on the information, so out of respect for his civilian team I'm trying to not give the mafia another advantage and a free disqualification or withdrawal for their parity.

If anyone is interested in this and would be willing to do me that kind of favor PLEASE message me and let me know as soon as possible. This is super stressful because I worked REALLY fucking hard on this game and right now I'm just trying to keep the plates all spinning and not let this fall apart around me. Please let me know.

Writer's Lounge / **Not Mafia Related** - Any RPers out there?
« on: March 18, 2015, 08:50:05 pm »
GOOD EVENING. So, I noticed that the writing quality in the mock writeup thread was certainly more than up to snuff (*COUGH @RadicalFuzz COUGH @Missing Person COUGH @ForgeDigger COUGH @Pimp Willy *) and it gave me an idea of bringing this here to see what you cunt muffins think.

So myself and @Raevyn who just recently joined the forum are admins on an independent roleplaying site that's been in development for almost two years - many setbacks and real life got in the way one too many times, but all three of us (there's one other admin) are now back and ready for action, but there's still a lot of work we have to get done on the site before we even think of totally launching it. We're also seeking a dedicated graphics mod if any of you idiots know how to code a jcink skin.

I'd like to see some opinions, what you guys think, what may need to be worked on as far as making the site more guest-friendly, and also we're seeking one or two dedicated individuals (some of you fuckers are ALWAYS around in mafia which means you'd be great at quick replies if you write) to maybe join the site and make a character, get involved with our plot, and stick with us as we move things slowly along for a little bit. It's gonna be a crazy ride once we get everything up and running, likely early summer.

If you aren't familiar with sites like these, basically you create a character in the given application format with a celebrity face claim - actor, musician, whichever fits your character the best. (I've created whole characters specifically to use certain face claims of my favorite actors.) Also, a sample of your writing is attached - write your character a small little scene to set the tone for them and show the admins what you can do. When it gets approved, you plot with other players and their characters and then you get started on threads, the scenes.

It's really fun, and as a writer, it's a GREAT exercise (I've pursued it this long because I don't write much fiction anymore but when I do, this keeps me in shape with my writing) and honestly it's really really fun to ship your characters and have drama and action and sex (yes, this is allowed).

ANYWAY, take a peek!


I'm Zephyr over there, Raevyn is Eris. Poke around, let me know what you think.

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