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Old Game Threads / All-Stars Mafia 3 - Day 4 Start!
« on: March 10, 2017, 06:58:34 am »
Night 0: The Martyr

9:12pm GMT March 9, 1940 - After Opening Ceremony at Pierogi Hall, Warsaw, Poland

The delegate from Poland lay crumpled, powerless before the shadowy giants before her. She couldn't recognize them in the darkness; what semblance of they had of delegates at yesterday's procession was lost with with a swift crack to the head.

The leader of the three looming figures squatted down to prop her up against the wall, removing the cloth-gag from her mouth and lifting her chin as though to examine his handiwork. She couldn't scream even if she wanted to, and he was very well aware. No one would hear her regardless; everyone else had already retired to their hotels. "Such precision..." he admired, clearly satisfied. The blood from her head had soaked into the nation patch on her chest - her pride of state - transforming it from a proud half-white flag to a gruesome full-red.

"Excellent verk gentlemen." The spy from Germany stood to converse with his fellow dead ringers, who stood uncomfortably behind him. They had managed to sneak into the summit as the delegates from other countries, but wearing the identifier of an inferior nation disgusted them all equally. How the spy from Japan longed for those rays of the rising sun, metaphorical for the coming conquest, and how the spy from Italy desired to feel the crest of his nation over his heart. But the price was worth it for the promise of manifesting the intentions of the Berlin-Tokyo-Rome Axis across the world. "Zis shall do nicely for our cause."

From behind them, the Polish delegate managed to mutter something. "Vhy do dis to Polska..." The Japanese spy scoffed a the obvious lack of honor.

"You are weak and deserve to die." He put succinctly. "We are strongu, and deserve to rule."

"Soon di world will understand, just as you do now." The Italian spy added. "You are but an opening act."

The German stared intently into the Pole's glassy eyes. "My only regret is zat ve couldn't vatch you squirm like the vorm you are." With that, Polish delegate became a martyr for the attempt at a new world order.

9:14am GMT March 10, 1940 - League of Nations Imperialism Conference at Pierogi Hall Day 1, Warsaw, Poland

The British delegate, having stopped to procure some tea, was late to the proceedings that morning. He arrived at a hectic gathering around something and, being unable to usher an elicit an explanation from anyone, pushed through the Brazilian and Chinese delegates to get a look at the spectacle that had left everyone else so speechless. "My word!" He shouted as a reflex. Before him lay the carcass of (Fjorge Dzigger), the Polish delegate that had so kindly offered her homeland as the location of this conference. Above her, a message was written in, presumably, her blood.

"'The bloodshed will be unending until the Berlin-Tokyo-Rome Axis reign supreme'," the Dutch delegate read aloud. "Vat does dis mean? Dese countries veren't even invited to de conference!" Others echoed the concern with their expressions. "How could zij have gotten in!"

"They must be hiding among us," deduced the British man "as countries that were invited." Looks of suspicion darted across the hall, as mumbles of panic began to rise into a tumult. "We should contact the guards immediately!"

His determined demeanor quickly sunk when he realized, in his haste, he hadn't noticed the lack of usual guards on the way to the conference room. He approached the door, eager to push this thought away as simple paranoia. To his dismay, it wouldn't budge. "It seems we are left to our own devices." He spoke loudly enough to overcome the cacophony of finger-pointing, lulling it down to a hushed whisper.

"I understand the fear you may be experiencing. But we are men of peace! We must keep the spirit of democracy and freedom alive by stopping these Axis Powers right in this very room." He lit his pipe and began to pace. The other delegates still looked distraught, but calmer. "During the day, we'll investigate each other to find the culprits. We will each vote for who must be a spy." He took a long puff from his pipe, as though the gravity of his next words were too strong to say without the aid of tobacco. "That person shall be executed in the name of justice and peace." Protests shot up almost instantly.

"That seems a bit brutal, eh?" the Canadian delegate said, appealing to the Brit's emotions.

"We'll be doing their work for them!" the Norwegian delegate shouted, the author unable to create a decent Norwegian accent. "How are we any better than them like this?"

"Our way is by the many." the delegate from Great Britain spoke powerfully, quelling the uproar. "Their's is by the few." As the protests stopped, he spoke again. "We have little time before they surely strike again. Our search must begin immediately!"

With no other options, the 13 delegates set out to work on their detective work.

ForgeDigger (Fjorge Dzigger) was killed! She was the delegate from Poland.

Spoiler for Hiden:
*Not a real role, only for story purposes

Day 1 has begun! It will end in 36 hours at 9pm CST Saturday. You can use this countdown timer below:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Rules thread:,911

Story Mode:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Night 0: The Martyr - ForgeDigger (Poland)
Day 1: The Coin Flip - Synonym (Australia)
Night 1: The Performer - Cobalt (Brazil)
Day 2: The Brave - jasonC (America)
Night 2: The Joker - Pimp Willy (South Africa)
Day 3: The Honorable - Fruit Punch Samurai G (Japan)
Night 3: The Sickness - Missing Person (China)

Pimp Willy
Missing Person
Fruit Punch Samurai G
The Chief

Loser's Lounge Archive / All-Stars Mafia 3 Graveyard
« on: March 09, 2017, 07:30:39 am »
This is the loser's lounge for dead people and people who want to watch the people die. Feel free to discuss the game in here, because no one in the game can hear your screams.

Mafia Conversation Archive / All-Stars Mafia 3 Axis Lounge
« on: March 09, 2017, 07:27:41 am »
Welcome to the new world order, Axis Powers. Here are your friends:

@Blindknagg - Germany
@Fruit Punch Samurai G - Japan
@Cyntalan - Italy

Germany is in charge of submitting the night kill. If Germany dies, Japan takes over.

Feel free to discuss any plans you might have before the game begins tomorrow (about 24 hours from this post). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Sign-up Threads / All-Stars Mafia 3
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:09:57 pm »
Welcome to the All-Stars 3 game! I have the honor of hosting the game this time again, and I'll be describing the details below.

World War II

An international meeting between delegates from 13 countries takes a dark turn when a group of delegates calling themselves the Axis Powers decided to send a powerful message in their quest to world domination, systemically killing off the others under the mask of night. Locked inside the conference room with no contact to the outside, the delegates decide to take matters into their own hands by voting to kill off suspected perpetrators. Will the Axis Powers succeed in their step towards total conquest, or will they be stopped by the newly formed alliance of delegates?

General Idea (Stolen from Pimp Willy):
This is a game of deception, where there are two groups fighting for the win, the Civilians (The Allied Powers) and the Mafia (The Axis Powers). During the day phases, players must vote on which player should be "Lynched," aka strung up and killed. At night, the mafia gets to kill any player of their choice. The civilians win if they eliminate all the mafia; the mafia win if they equal or outnumber the civs.

There are two phases: Day and Night. During Day, all players deliberate and submit a vote on a player. The player with the most votes is lynched and eliminated from the game. During Night, the Mafia deliberate to kill and eliminate a player from the game. The Civilians win the game once all Mafia have been eliminated. The Mafia win the game once their numbers are equal to half or more of all remaining players. Any Special Roles will win once their win condition has been fulfilled.

Allied Powers:
Great Britain - Detective - Each night you may choose 1 player; you will learn that player’s allegiance at the end of the night. Before the game starts, you will learn the identity of a random Allied Power. You win the game when all of the Axis Powers have been eliminated.
Spoiler for Hiden:
<Allied Country>* - Allied Power - You win when all of the Axis Powers have been defeated. (Example shown below, not all Allied Countries have the same name or picture, but all of them have the same description)
Spoiler for Hiden:

EDIT: In an effort to prevent using what's on your card as evidence for dirty behavior, I am publicly releasing all cards. To save space, you can access them at the imgur album below:

* You may request a particular Allied Country if you want, otherwise I'll just give you one no one else wanted. If you plan on requesting a country, please do so as early as possible so I can plan ahead in write ups. c:

The choices (because I'm lazy and don't feel like making more role cards) are:
Spoiler for Hiden:
  • America - jasonC
  • Australia - Synonym
  • Belgium - Augustus
  • Brazil - Cobalt
  • Canada - vonvorto
  • China - MissingPerson
  • France - Cyntalan
  • Greece - Bious
  • Mexico - FPSG
  • The Netherlands - The Chief
  • Norway - Blindknagg
  • South Africa - Pimp Willy
  • U.S.S.R. - Alpha

Axis Powers:
Germany/Japan/Italy - Axis Power - You win if the number of alive Axis Powers are greater than or equal to the number of alive Allied Powers.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Time Frame:
Roles will be released at 9:00am CST on Thursday, March 9th ()
The game will be begin and Britain will get their random green check at 9:00am CST on Friday, March 10th ()

Extended First Day Phase: 60 hours
Day Phase: 36 hours
Night Phase: 12 hours

Congratulations again to our 13 all-stars:
@Pimp Willy
@Missing Person
@Fruit Punch Samurai G
@The Chief

Mafia General / All-Stars 3 Format
« on: March 02, 2017, 07:51:44 am »
Hi guys. As the GM for the upcoming All-Stars game, I've been toying around with the format in my head. Since it's been a while since I've run a game, and my past games haven't gone so well as far as balance and what-not, I figured it'd be good to get some opinions on the players think is best.

Regardless of the outcome of this poll, the theme I've decided on is World War II. Here's a summary of how the game thematically would look in each scenario:

Option 1: More Civilians
Axis Powers - Mafia
Germany - Enforcer - At night, you may choose a player. The actions of that player, if they have any, will be nullified. The Axis Powers will be privately notified if an action was nullified this way.
Japan - Roleless Mafia
Italy - Roleless Mafia
Allied Powers - Civilians
Great Britain - Detective - At night you may choose a player. The allegiance of that player will be revealed privately to you at the end of the night phase. 
Roleless Allied Power x9 [players may choose whichever country from the Allied Powers they want to die as that isn't Great Britain]

Option 2: More Mafia
Axis Powers - Mafia
Germany - Roleless Mafia
Japan - Roleless Mafia
Italy - Roleless Mafia
Hungary - Roleless Mafia
Allied Powers - Civilians
Great Britain - Detective -  At night you may choose a player. The allegiance of that player will be revealed privately to you at the end of the night phase
America - Defender - At night you may choose a player. If that player would die at night, they will be spared. If this happens, it will be publicly announced to the thread that the player was saved.
Roleless Allied Power x8 [players may choose whichever country from the Allied Powers they want to die as that isn't Great Britain or America]

So, what do you guys think? I'm also open to modifying the formats slightly, if anyone has a better idea.

The poll will run for 3 days, and the finalized setup will be posted on Monday. A week after that, the game will begin.

General Discussion / Tell me a joke
« on: May 03, 2016, 07:51:54 am »

Whatever flavor of joke you want. I'm partial to programming jokes:

I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it.

I'd tell you a UDP joke, but you might not get it.

A wife calls her programmer husband and tells him, "While you're out, buy some milk."

He never returns home.

Day 1 - The Fight to Become God

Deus sat on his throne, brooding. Matters had become most troublesome recently. Murmur, his small assistant, had been plotting something, he was certain, but he couldn't discover her plan. The fabric of reality itself had started unraveling, forcing Deus to constantly fix the leaks before they became a flood wiping away all that he had created. And worst of all, he was nearing his end. Exercising his . Contrary to popular belief, while Deus did hold the position of God, that title doesn't bestow unlimited power. So while he has the power to create anything, as he did this world, and his lifespan was extended a thousand times, he held no dominion over death. With his passing there would be no force to stop reality from collapsing in on itself, a fact that became all the clearer as his pinky finger crumbled away like a porcelain doll. He needed a replacement, a successor, to ensure order. He needed a being more powerful than Murmur who could keep an eye on her unknown plot. Unfortunately, in all his reign, Deus had created only Earth and the creatures on it. No humans were eligible for the task, and he hadn't faith that Murmur was trustworthy to run his universe.

At that moment, an idea formed in Deus' head. Throughout Earth's history, humans had adapted to overcome challenges that faced them. If there were no humans capable of ruling as God in his place, then he should create obstacles that would allow a human to obtain those qualities. A survival game, where the prize is godhood, would suffice to both incentivize the participants as well as allow them ample opportunities to evolve into his successor. To each contestant he would gift a unique form of foresight, to assist them in seeking out and hunting the others.

Deus looked upon the world and chose twelve contestants to play in his survival game. A schoolboy, his stalker, a serial killer, a police chief, a young genius, a cult leader, a pair of lovers, an orphanage matriarch, an explosive terrorist, a houndmaster, a wicked politician, and a masked vigilante. Others would play a part, Deus had no doubt, but his successor must be chosen from those twelve.
He summoned them and informed them of the contest they had been conscripted into. The gift of foresight took the form of diary entries from the user's cell phone. Similarly, the player's life was also tied to the phone. If it should be destroyed or rendered inoperable, the owner would immediately die. Murmur by his side, Deus could not warn them of her possible meddling, but she should be a minor distraction at worst. The contestants were not privy to each other's identities, but that wouldn't last long, Deus was certain. He officially began the game and dismissed them. His only major concern was that the game would not resolve before he expired, leaving a world without God until the game concluded. He had to trust that the prize of godhood would prove sufficient enough to spark haste in the twelve.


It is now Day 1. Because it is the first day, the phase will be extended by 6 hours for a total of 42 hours. Night 1 will start at 9 AM on July 4th. This is in this long.

You can see the sign up thread here for rules and such.

With that, good luck and have fun!

Adam Levine
Black Light
Fruit Punch Samurai G
Missing Person

Spoiler for Story Mode:
Day 1 - The lovers, Missing Person and TGG, die via lynch.
Night 1 - Murmur (Souther) was killed at night by the mafia, and Eleventh (Bious) revealed himself.
Day 2 - quinn was lynched, but The-Co-Jones died in his place as Mao. TCJ's allegiance was not revealed.

Welcome to the Lover's lounge, you two. TGG is the woman in the relationship, and MP wears the pants.

Have at it.

Eighth and Orin start out here.

Augustus - Eighth
Orin - FPSG

Have fun conquering the world.

The mafia, in order of power, are:
jasonC - Fourth
Augustus - Eighth
quinn - Hinata
DrWilgy - Fifth

This means that jason will choose to send a player out to do the night kill. That player "targets" the night kill.

Sign-up Threads / Jesus Toast Mafia V: Mirai Nikki -Sign-Up Thread-
« on: June 24, 2015, 05:04:19 pm »
Welcome to JTM's fifth installment of mafia games! This one's gonna be hectic, so sit tight and get ready for some role madness.

The god of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, is dying. To find his rightful successor, he holds a last-man-standing competition between twelve anonymous people with varying walks of life. This isn't your everyday battle royale, though - each contestant has been giving the ability to see into the future with their cellphones! Team up with your friends to ensure that the world doesn't fall into the wrong hands, or to ensure that it does.

General Game Idea(if you're new to mafia)
(stolen from MP)
20 people get thrown into a situation where you don't know who to trust. Each day the civilians get together and decide to kill somebody, to try and find the mafia. After a vote, the person with the most votes is killed by the civilians. At night, everyone goes back to their beds to sleep, and the mafia get their turn to kill people. If the mafia have the same amount of people as the civilians, they win the game. If the civilians kill all the mafia, they win. You win or lose as a team, not individually, so do your best to help your team out!

Unlike normal mafia, mafia roles aren't predetermined from the start. As you'll see below, all (but one) role has both a mafia ability and a civilian ability. What role is what alliance will be decided randomly.

Spoiler for Roles:

Spoiler for First:
Indiscriminate Tracker-
Each night, you will randomly learn a role’s identity.

Each night, you can nullify a player’s action. Nullified actions cannot be tracked.

Spoiler for Second:
One-sided Lover-
Begins the game knowing First’s identity, but not his allegiance. At night, you will learn what player First targeted. If First dies by lynch, you will become crazy. If First dies at night, you will kill whoever killed First. You investigate guilty after First dies.

Spoiler for Crazy Second:
Third Party:
Serial Killer -
Every night, you can choose a target to kill.

You can only win by being the last player standing.

You can only die by lynch.

You will investigate guilty.

Spoiler for Third:
You have 3 stocks. At night, you can choose to go on alert. While on alert, any roles that target you will die, and you will survive. This includes the mafia kill.

You have 3 stocks. At night, you can target a player. If that player dies, their role and alignment will not be revealed.

Spoiler for Fourth:
Public Servant-
Choose 1 target at night. If that person would die, they will be saved. This will be reflected in the Write Up.

Choose 1 player at night. If investigated by Akise, the player will come up as the opposite alliance.

Spoiler for Fifth:
2 stocks. At night, you may choose to infect someone with poison. They will die a complete cycle later. This circumvents the cop’s protection. Only the poisoned will be notified.

Sinister Orphan-
Will always investigate innocent, even if forged.

Spoiler for Sixth:
Choose a player at night. You will receive a list of players that targeted that player that night.

1 time use: At night, you will learn every player that targeted the mafia that night.

Spoiler for Seventh Female:
Lover -
You will start the game in a PM with Seventh - Male. If he dies, so will you.

If you are mafia and he is civilian: If the mafia would win, he will become mafia. This works the same if he is mafia and you are civilian. This only applies if you are alive.

Spoiler for Seventh Male:
Lover -
You will start the game in a PM with Seventh - Female. If she dies, so will you.

If you are mafia and she is civilian: If the mafia would win, she will become mafia. This works the same if she is mafia and you are civilian. This only applies if you are alive.

Spoiler for Eighth:
Big Mama-
You begin the game in a Propagation PM with Orin. If Orin finds an eligible player, that player is added to the Propagation PM and their role is changed to include the same ability as Orin’s. Propagated players’ affiliations are changed to 8th’s until she dies.* The player’s role will not be revealed in the PM. The Propagated players will not be told their new affiliation.

* If you are mafia, Propagated players will not be added to the Mafia PM.

Spoiler for Orin:
Mama’s Little Helper-
You begin the game in a Propagation PM with Eighth. If you are mafia, you will not be added to the mafia PM. At night, you can investigate a player to see if they are a non-numbered role*. While Eighth is alive, you will have the same alliance as her. While Eighth is dead, you are a civilian.

* This includes Akise, Nishijima, Mao, Hinata, Kousaka, and Murmur.

Spoiler for Ninth:
If you’re killed at night, you will kill whoever killed you. If you’re lynched, you will have until the end of the night phase to submit the name of someone who voted for you. That player will be killed. This circumvents medic protection.

Spoiler for Tenth:
Dog Trainer-
On day 1, you can send dogs out to track 1 player for the rest of the game. You will learn of:
* anyone who visits your target at night
* anyone who your target visits at night
* any messages sent from the target (not including action PMs)

Spoiler for Eleventh:
The Watcher-
At the end of the night, you will receive a copy of 1 random message which was sent this night by someone who is not on your team. This does not include PMs sent to the GM (or action PMs).

At night, you can decide if you want to reveal yourself the next day. You cannot be killed by lynch when revealed. While revealed, your vote counts for 3 instead of 1.

You start with 1 stock. At night, you can use a stock to learn what role targeted what player this night. Stocks are earned when another fellow mafia dies.

Spoiler for Twelfth:
Vigilante of Justice-
Each night after the first, you may choose to kill a player. After killing 2 civilians, you will die of guilt at the end of the next day.

At night, you can hypnotize someone and change their target.

Spoiler for Akise:
You will always be civilian, even if you are recruited by Eighth.

Each night, you can choose a player to be investigated. The result will be “Innocent” for civilians and “Guilty” for mafia. If Fourth (or Nishijima) protects either you or your target, the result will be “Inconclusive.”

Spoiler for Nishijima:
Part-Time Public Servant-Your role is the same as Fourth’s. However, if Fourth is civilian, your actions are always nullified. Roles cannot track you if your actions are nullified. You and Fourth cannot both be mafia.

Inside Job -
You have 2 stocks. You can use a stock at night to thwart the medic protection as though it never happened.
Note: if Nishijima would become mafia through Eighth, his role will not change.

Spoiler for Mao:
Sacrificial Lover-
If Hinata would die, you will die in her place. This does not reveal your alignment or Hinata’s

Spoiler for Hinata:
You have one stock. At any time during the game, you may choose to give a specific role another stock. This will occur at the end of the next phase, after all other actions have been completed.

Spoiler for Kousaka:

Spoiler for Third Party - Murmur:
Third Party:
You only win if you are lynched.

If you are recruited by Eighth, you can still win by getting lynched in addition to your new allegiance’s win condition.

Spoiler for Order of Actions:
Tenth's Dog -> Twelfth's hypnosis -> First's enforce -> Fourth's Forger -> Akise's Investigation -> Nishijima's Inside Job -> Fifth's Poison -> Ninth's Bomb -> Fourth's Public Servant/Nishijima's Part-Time Public Servant -> Third's Cleaner-> Crazy Second's kill -> Twelfth's Vigilante of Justice -> Mafia kill -> Third's Veteran -> Hinata -> Mao -> Orin -> First's Tracker/Second's One-way Lover/Eleventh's Mastermind -> Sixth's Clairvoyance/Sixth's Lookout -> Eleventh's Watcher

NOTE: These cards are the extended role cards. When I send out roles, I will send out the simplified role cards. Simplified role cards will not contain an ability you cannot use. For example, if First is civilian, the role card I send out will only have his civilian ability on it.

As I said before, the mafia will be chosen randomly. The mafia leader and who will get control when that leader dies will also be chosen randomly. At night, the mafia leader will choose who to send to do the kill.

more stuff I stole from MP
The game will cycle between day phase and night phase. In order to keep things consistent, we will be running a 48 hour cycle split into 2 phases, which will always start/stop at the same time.

Day phase will last 36 hours. (9AM to 9PM CST) During this phase, players must decide who they want to lynch. All votes done via VoteBot. People with day abilities must PM their choices by the end of the day phase.

Players who do not submit their lynch vote before the deadline two day phases in a row will be DQ'd.  They will be listed as dead, and their role revealed.

Night phase will last 12 hours. (9PM to 9AM CST) During this phase, the mafia must decide who they want to kill. People with night actions must PM their choices before the deadline.

Talking is allowed during all phases.

We will be using JTM's kid-tested-mother-approved VoteBot. To use VoteBot, use the format below:

Code: [Select]
When you die, your allegiance as well as your role will be revealed (unless there's a special case).

If you do not vote in two consecutive day phases, you will be dq'd and have your role revealed.

During this game, tie votes will not result in No Lynch. When a tie vote happens, I will publicly roll a dice with however many sides the tie contains, and call which number will result in which lynch.  In which case, I will then provide the write-up.


Code: [Select]
There is a tie between RadicalFuzz, Augustus, and Synonym.

I will now roll a die.  If I roll a 1, RadicalFuzz is lynched. If I roll a 2, Augustus is lynched.  If I roll a 3, Synonym is lynched.

[img][/img] [color=red][b]This dice roll has been tampered with![/b][/color]
Rolled 1d3 : 3, total 3

Last Gasps
There are no Last Gasps in this game.

Common Sense Rules - Please Read
stolen from MP

1) Do not edit ANY POSTS.  Period.  For any reason.  Do not ask us to verify with mods that you did not have any malicious intent in editing your posts, we will not do it.  Do not provide me with any photographic evidence of your edits.  There are going to be no warnings this time, just DQ's.  Habitual editors will be banned.  We have had this BS happen way too much during these last two games.  If you have anything to add, or any clarifications to typos to make, or a broken image/link in your post, create a new post to address it.

2) Do not PM anyone playing the game.  If you are mafia, keep your PMs in the mafia conversation.  If you're one of the lovers, keep your PMs inside the Lovers conversation.  You should not be PMing anyone else if you are them, and if you aren't, you have no business using the PM inbox at all regarding this game.  If you have any questions regarding gameplay, PM me.  If someone PMs you that shouldn't be, do not mention it in the thread, just PM me with the the contents of it.  PM'ing once will result in a DQ.  Habitually doing so will result in a ban.  (Things not game related will not result in any penalty, but to keep the integrity of the game, if someone playing PMs you, please report it to me.)

3) No coaching after you're dead.  This includes outside of SRK.  I don't care what format you're thinking of using, be it, AIM, MSN, Skype, Smoke Signals, Texts, Morse Code.  Don't do it.  Also, because this has happened recently, I will not verify any of your hunches after you die.  Keep it to yourself, take it to the Loser's Lounge, if someone shares information they know, don't bring it to anyone else's attention that's still in the game.  If someone does this, PM me with the proof, and that person will face a ban.

4) No discussing or plotting to break or bend the rules in your PMs, lovers and mafia. I'll be in those conversations anyway, so that should go without saying.  But just in case you think you can do it while I'm sleeping, think again.  If you start discussing something that I don't immediately catch, and that action is taken, once I find out, the perpetrator of the act and the instigator will both receive bans and DQs.

5) If you are lovers or mafia, you will not be allowed into the Loser's Lounge until you leave the PM conversation after you die.  It's not entirely clear on how you do this by looking at it, but upon your death, simply click "Delete Conversation" on the left-hand side of the screen.  This will only delete it on your end, and no one else's.

6) Do not try to get removed from the game after it already starts, or try to break the rules to get DQ'd. If something super unexpected happens, I'll try to be reasonable, but overall, if you know you're going to be busy, and unable to play at all, don't sign up.  If you suddenly see a full schedule hit your plate just before we start, ask me to take your name off the list, and I'll put in an alternate.  After we start, I'm not going to take your name off unless you have a really good reason, and I can find an alternate to take your place.  Otherwise, don't deliberately break a rule just to get a DQ.  You will not just get a DQ, but banned.

7) Do not post any PMs, even as a joke.  If you are going to make an image joke regarding PMs, at least make it obvious that it's a joke (e.g. make it using MSPaint.)

8) English only in game.  No foreign languages or encrypted posts are allowed.  This prevents the open flow of information.  I will make certain exceptions for certain foreign words that have entered the English vernacular, such as "Hasta la vista," or "Por que?" but an entire post in a foreign language will not be permitted.

9) No making wagers in game. This wagering JTM accounts or self-bans is not going to fly anymore, period. Don't do it, I will DQ you if you do.

10) Cut the personal attacks out.  There is a line between in-game shit talk and gamesmanship, and just being a dickhead and being hateful other players.  This is starting to get out of hand.  If I tell you to curb it, just do it.  Keep it up, and enjoy a DQ.

Sign Up
There will be 20 players, one for each role. 4 roles will be chosen randomly for the mafia. Keep in mind that this could be Eighth, which would result in there being 5 mafia.
20 players
4~5 Mafia
1~2 Third Party

Current Sign Ups
  • ☆Alpha☆
  • DrWiggly
  • Missing Person
  • jasonC
  • Augustus
  • Sig
  • The Co-Jones
  • Cobalt
  • Souza
  • Bious
  • Gagarina
  • vonvorto
  • quinn
  • Fruit Punch Samurai G
  • kaz
  • Adam Levine
  • Sumazndude
  • Souther
  • Black Light

  • The Chief
  • descuffphoenix
We'll figure out a starting date as soon as we have enough people.

Changes made to OP since the start date:
Spoiler for Hiden:
- OP was fixed to say that only votes will only be accepted via VoteBot
*NEW* - Eighth's and Orin's role cards were clarified. Orin will not start in the mafia PM if Eighth is mafia, and Propagated players will not be told their alliance if they are recruited. If they are mafia, they will not be added to the mafia PM either.
*NEW* - Fixed Sevenths' role cards so that they must be alive to convert.
*NEW* - Specified that players will be given simplified role cards. This means that if they are mafia, the text on their role card will not have a civilian ability on it and vice versa. Ex: If First is civilian, the only text on his role card will be:
Indiscriminate Tracker-
Each night, you will randomly learn a role’s identity.
*NEW - Added a note to Nishijima's role (not on the card) to clarify what would happen if he were Civilian and then converted into a mafia by Eighth. His role will not change if he becomes mafia this way.

General Discussion / Happy Bday
« on: March 24, 2015, 10:02:59 pm »
Happy birthday to @SumAznDude, the realest quiet man dude you'll ever meet.

I'd get you a present but I'm broke and you owe me one anyway.

And while I'm at it, may as well wish TGG an early happy birthday. Go get drunk legally.

Mafia General / GoC Representative Voting has begun!
« on: March 24, 2015, 07:29:37 pm »
As was previously mentioned,108.0.html, it's time again for the Mafia Game of Champions. This time around we get 1 representative, and said representative shall be democratically chosen from among 7 agreed candidates.

Voting will work as such: PM me a list of the order in which you would rank the 7 candidates. Ranking someone as your number 1 vote will give them 8 points in the running, as your number 2 will get them 7 points, and so on.

1= 8 points
2 = 7 points
3 = 6 points
4 = 5 points
5 = 4 points
6 = 3 points
7 = 2 points

When voting ends, the candidate with the most points will be chosen as our representative. Should something come up and the first choice cannot participate, the second place winner will be called upon.

All votes are private. I will not post any updates as to who's in the lead or anything like that. Additionally, as the tallier, I will abstain from voting to prevent collusion.

Here are the rules for voting:
1. If you are candidate and are submitting a vote, you must rank yourself as your 7th choice.

2. There will be no lobbying. If you think you're being coaxed into voting for someone for reasons other than merit, contact me and that
candidate will be removed from the running.

3. Only people who have participated with us in a JTM game (whether it be in the actual forum mafia or in the spectators lounge) get a vote. (So making a new account to boost your numbers won't work.)

4. Your candidates are the following 7 people. You may only rank these 7 players, and lists not containing all 7 of them will be ignored.

@Missing Person
@Pimp Willy
@The Chief

The deadline is 12 AM CST on the 29th. That means that there's .

Happy voting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Sign-up Threads / JTM Arena I: Fire Emblem (FEAR)
« on: January 04, 2015, 01:35:47 am »
Firstly, allow me to welcome you to JTM's first Arena game! We've got an exciting theme lined up just for the occasion: the appropriately hectic Fire Emblem!

This game will be hosted by yours truly and @Bious (who did most of the work creating this beast). Feel ask us any questions you might have about the rules.

Without further adieu, here's everything you (should) need to know about our game:


Just like Fire Emblem, this game will include a class system. Classes are unique in many different ways, as each having varying values for the following stats:

  • HP - the amount of damage you can take before you die
  • Strength - how effective attacking with Physical weapons is
  • Magic - how effective attacking with Magical weapons is
  • Defense - how effective defending against Physical weapons is
  • Resistance - how effective defending against Magical weapons is
  • Skill - how often certain skills might activate
  • Luck - how good you are at preventing critical attacks on you
  • Starting gold and gear
  • What weapons you can use (type and rank)
  • Special abilities
  • Pairing up bonuses (see Pairing Up under Attack Phase Actions)

*Note: how exactly those stats come into play will be explained where they are pertinent to the rules.

The specific information about each class will not be made public, but the stats of each player (sans any bonuses from abilities or pairing up) will be posted at the end of each write up. The full information about a player will be revealed upon death.

There are 16 different classes, and there will only be 1 player assigned to each class. As such, the player roster will only consist of 16 players:
  • Rogue
  • Assassin
  • Swordmaster
  • Falco Knight
  • Lord
  • Beserker
  • General
  • Halberdier
  • Veteran
  • Sniper
  • Sage
  • Druid
  • Bishop
  • Manakete
  • Draco Lord
  • Paladin

In addition, 3 of these classes will randomly receive class quirks, which will also not be publicly revealed.

  • Weapon Ranking

Each class starts out being able to use a certain rank of weapon(E being the lowest, then C, B, and so on...). A player can rank up in a specific weapon type by:

  • Defeat 4 enemies using said weapon type if going from D to C
  • Defeat 5 more enemies using said weapon type if going from C to B
  • Defeat 6 more enemies using said weapon type if going from B to A

If your rank is higher than or equal to the required rank of a weapon, you can use it.

The Shop

Players can use gold to buy weapons items in the shop.

Available items will be revealed at the start of the game.

Each player can only hold 5 items at once, and can also only equip 1 weapon at a time. Non-weapon do not need to be equipped to take effect, but they do take up a space in your inventory.

The Forge

You can upgrade items at the Forge. Each upgradable weapon has only 5 upgrade slots.

Upgrading the following only takes up 1 slot and cost 3000 each:

  • +5% to crit chance
  • +1 Weapon Might

Upgrading to add abilities to weapons takes up all of the upgrade slots and costs 5000:

  • Pursuit - You will always attack twice if your speed is greater than your enemy's speed. You will hit first, then they will hit back, and then you will hit again.
  • Parity - Negates both the player's and enemy's support bonuses and battle Skills.
  • Charge - Chance[(Skill+Speed)/2]% to attack again.
  • Sol - [Skill]% chance to recover HP equal to half the damage dealt to the enemy
  • Luna - [Skill]% chance to halve the enemy's defense and resistance
[Special! Costs only 1500!]
  • Discipline - cuts the number of battles to increase weapon ranking in half

Prep Phase and Attack Phase Actions

So, what will you be doing in this game? You have several options to choose from. Each turn, you will be able to do 2 types of actions: Prep Phase Actions and Attack Phase Actions.

The turn (both Prep Phase and Action Phase together) will last for 24 hours.

  • Prep Phase

Actions that occur during the prep phase are unlimited as long as your health and gold permit them. They happen as soon as possible (definitely before all Attack Phase Actions). Prep Phase Actions are:

Buying, Selling, or Forging an Item - Self explanatory. Using the Shop or the Forge will not prevent you from taking an Attack Phase Action.

Using an Item - This includes equipping a weapon[Note: buying a weapon does not automatically equip it].

Trading an item - If you have a C-Rank or higher bond with a person you may exchange items or gold with them. You can either trade items or give an item to your partner. If your partner's inventory is full you cannot give them items.

  • Attack Phase

You can only do one attack phase action per turn. These will all occur at the same time. Attack Phase Actions are:


Attacking is the essence of arena games. After all, in order to win you have to be one of(if not, the only) person left standing.

You can choose to attack any player or NPC. Since there is no option to defend, the person you're attacking will always attack back in classic Fire Emblem style.

Also in Fire Emblem style, we acknowledge the weapon triangle. In case you're new to this concept, it goes like this:


This means that a player with a Sword attacking a player with an Axe will receive a bonus. But if that same player attacks a player with a Spear, his damage will be decreased.

Additionally, your damage will increase the more proficient you are with that weapon. For example, having a D in Swords will give you +1 to all attacks you do with Swords, +2 if you have a C, and so on.

Damage Calculations will go as such:

If attacking with Sword:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Normal Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength + Wpn. Might + Rank Bonus] - Enemy Defense)
Axe Wielding Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength + Wpn. Might + 3 +R. B.] - Enemy Defense)
Spear Wielding Enemy HP- ( [Attacker Strength + Wpn. Might - 4 + R. B.] - Enemy Defense)

If Attacking with Axe:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Normal Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength + Wpn. Might + Rank Bonus]- Enemy Defense)
Spear Wielding Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength+ Wpn. Might +5 + R.B.] - Enemy Defense)
Sword Wielding Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength+ Wpn. Might -6 + R.B.] - Enemy Defense)

If Attacking with Spear:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Normal Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength + Wpn. Might + Rank Bonus]- Enemy Defense)
Sword Wielding Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength+ Wpn. Might + 4 + R.B.] - Enemy Defense)
Axe Wielding Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength+ Wpn. Might -3 + R.B.] - Enemy Defense)

If attacking with Bow:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Normal Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength + Wpn. Might + Rank Bonus]- Enemy Defense)
Bow-Weak Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength+ (Wpn. Might X2) + R.B.] - Enemy Defense)

If Attacking with Dragonstone:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Normal Enemy HP- ([Attacker Strength + Wpn. Might + Rank Bonus]- Enemy Defense)

If attacking with Magic (unless otherwise stated):
Spoiler for Hiden:
Normal Enemy HP- ([Attacker Magic+ Wpn. Might]- Enemy Resistance)

Also, if your speed is 6 or more greater than your opponent's, you will attack twice! If this happens, you will attack first, then your opponent will strike back, then you will strike again.

A critical hit chance is equal to [Your Crit % - Your Opponent's Luck]%. Critical hits do double damage.

There's one last thing to take into account: ranged attacks vs melee attacks. Bows are always ranged and Swords, Spears, Axes, and Dragonstones are always melee. Players using Magic must decide if they are attacking from far away or from close up. If a ranged attacker attacks a melee attacker, there will be no counterattack and vice versa.

The Arena

You can also choose to challenge someone to a duel in the arena.

In this case, players can either challenge other players to duels or fight handpicked NPC opponents for a bit of bonus gold. In player duels, the players can make wagers of gold and/or items and battle for them, or have a fight to the death if they so desire. In NPC duels only Gold can be won.

NPC battles are limited to 3 per phase.

Only one arena request can be made per person per phase.

Both parties have to accept for the duel to begin. A decline will cause both players to pay a gold fine for wasting our time. This fine will be heavier for the challenger.
Unless otherwise stated, all fights are in Mercy Mode (the losing player is left at 1 HP).
To The Death fights are To The Death.
Once an arena match starts it cannot be stopped until a side loses.
If a player is beaten in Mercy in a player duel they must surrender what they have wagered. If they die in To The Death their opponent will receive all their gold and an item of theres.
Support effects are not active in the arena.
The higher you bet in the NPC arena, the harder your opponent. Don't bet too high or a dragon may punish your greed.

Winning a gold fight earns you 2x the amount of gold you bet.

Pairing Up

Paring up consists of two units fighting as one. Pairs are made up of a main unit and a sub unit. The main unit is the one directly involved in battle. The Sub Unit cannot battle, but provides the main unit with support bonuses and cannot be targeted unless through special means.

Rules of pairing up:
Both units must consent before a pair-up occurs.
You cannot pair-up in the arena.
Pair-up bonuses depend on the class of the player.
If the main unit is killed the sub unit will be the target of all future attacks that round.
Fighting together for a few (2) phases will deepen the bond your partner and you have and increase your support bonus. Fighting even longer will make you bonded and give more support bonuses. Bonded players can win the game together.
If you separate from your partner your support bonuses disappear, but your bond will not.

Pairing Up will take priority over all over Attack Phase Actions.

Scavenging for Gems

Players have the option to scavenge for a gem instead of attacking in the attacking phase. The Value of the Gems are 1000, 3000, and 5000 at first and will increase to 5000, 7500, and 10000 after a while. Gems are randomly determined. Gems take up a space in your inventory, and must be sold at the shop to gain their value in gold.

Phase Changes and Other Game Mechanics

Different phases may bring about different effects, including the spawning of NPC enemies. Be sure to keep this in mind when planning out your strategies!

How to Win

The object of the game is to be the last one standing, or to be the last 2 standing with your partner if you're paired up with Rank A or higher.


We also have a sign up sheet for Arena sponsors.

The Arena Sponsors can offer a variety of help to their chosen player if they choose to do so. These options include buying them items, sending them messages, or paying to choose the next arena hazard or sending in enemies of their own!

How much money the sponsors start with and how much it costs to sponsor will be revealed in the sponsor lounge.

Fire Emblem Arena Cheat-Sheet

There are two phases: Preparations and Attack.
Preparations lasts for 24 Hours, at which point the attack phase will happen instantly. Commands for the attack phase need to be in before the end of the Prep phase.
Preparation commands happen instantly and cannot be switched, while attack commands can be switched until the prep phase ends.

Shop and Forge:
Buy weapons and items at the shop and upgrade your weapon at the Forge.
Certain weapons cannot be used unless you have the correct rank to use it.
Remember: A>B>C>D>E: the higher your weapon rank, the stronger the weapon you can wield.

In the Arena you can fight NPC enemies for gold or duel other players. You will win double your bet if you win against an NPC, and whatever your opponent wagered in a duel.

Your Strength/Magic plus your Weapon's Might determine your attack.
Remember the weapon triangle: Swords>Axes>Lances.
If you have 6 or more speed you will attack your opponent twice.
Swords, Lances, and Axes are Melee weapons. Bows are ranged. Magic can attack from close or from afar.

Pairing Up:
If you want to fight as a team, both parties must send in a command to pair together during the prep phase. The main unit and sub unit must be signified. The sub unit supports the main unit with stat bonuses and cannot make any attack-phase options. They also can't be targeted. The longer a pair fights together, the stronger the buff will become and their bond will improve.

The game will begin on the January 10th at 10 PM EST (or 9 PM CST), permitting all 16 slots are filled up.

With that, let the sign-ups for FEAR commence!

Player Roster

  • ✰Alpha✰
  • drwill439
  • Missing Person
  • RadicalFuzz
  • XthAtGAm3RGuYX
  • Pimp Willy
  • jasonC
  • Aidebit
  • Augustus
  • SumAznDude
  • Blindknagg
  • Vynce
  • The Chief
  • BeigeSand
  • Skizzz
  • Spyromancy

Here's the catch: whatever you say, the next person to post qualifies it.

For example:

Quote from: Player 1
An unlimited amount of toilet paper

Quote from: Player 2
Quote from: Player 1
An unlimited amount of toilet paper
...but all of it is already used.

An unlimited amount of: Girls attracted to only me.

Quote from: Player 3
Quote from: Player 2"
An unlimited amount of: Girls attracted to only me.
But you're gay.

Unlimited fun

etc, etc.

Just a simple forum game idea I found from Reddit. Completely non-committal.

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