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Mafia General / Mafia Terminology Dictionary
« on: November 18, 2014, 03:34:45 pm »
This thread is because I just wasted 5 minutes of my life explaining to my wife what "Jesus Toast" is.

It would've been helpful to just say... "look"... or "read this".  I could've also dressed myself up as toast and bleach my skin but  no.

So if it hasn't been done, lets do it. Create the dictionary for mafia terms as used by SRK/JTM and or the other sub SRK sites out there. 

AtE: Appeal to Emotion.  Whenever someone tries to plead with people emotionally or through threats when they are faced with their own demise through a lynch.
Bandwagon: A large number of votes on a single person.
Bus: When mafia jump on the bandwagon to lynch a fellow mafia.
Capcom: Mafia, primarily used by Vynce because he refuses to move onto another game.
CFD: Chinese Fire Drill.  When people suddenly change their votes off of the leading bandwagon onto someone else in order to prevent the leading bandwagon from being lynched.
Clear: Someone who is surely civilian.
dUC: Dumb Undercover.  Gets the reverse results of a real cop, where mafia investigate innocent and civilians investigate guilty.
FoS: Finger of Suspicion.  You believe someone to be mafia and are accusing them as such.
Hail Satan: A play famously created by Alpha, where you claim to be mafia as civilian in order to get the traitor to contact you, revealing their identity to you.
Howl: Derived from the werewolf format of mafia, where mafia are making it obvious in the thread that they are mafia.
Jesus Toast: Breathing something into nothing due to preconceived notions or faux pas; seeing clues that simply aren't there.
KBD: Korean Back Dashing. Calling someone out for removing themselves from any involvement in a mistake.
Lock Clear: Someone who is civilian beyond a shadow of a doubt.
LYLO: Lynch or Lose.  Occurs when civilians have exactly 1 more person than mafia.  If you do anything but lynch mafia during day phase, you will lose, meaning you can't No Lynch.
Marvel: Civilian, primarily used by Vynce because he refuses to move onto another game.
MYLO: Mislynch and Lose.  Occurs when civilians have exactly 2 more people than mafia.  If you lynch a civilian, mafia will win during night phase.
POE: Process of Elimination.  Where the UC has enough living civilian checks or the game has enough cleared civilians to survive enough mislynches to lynch all the mafia.
Policy: The way in which players should utilize roles and lynches given a certain situation and the game mechanics available.
SAC: Mafia, primarily used by Vynce because he refuses to move onto another game.
Salty: Being angry or aggravated at something, particularly if it was avoidable or directly your own fault.
Spew: Mafia unknowingly giving up their fellow mafia via their interactions within the game.
Turretis: The RNG Anti-Turretius of JTM.  Pimp Willy is his prophet.
Turretius: The RNG God of JTM.  Blindknagg is his prophet.
UC:  Undercover, Cop, Detective.  A role that checks people at night to see if they're mafia or not.
WIFOM: Wine in Front of Me.  Overreaching what can be seen in the immediate present regarding the situation.
Yomi: Mind games used by either side to try to manipulate others' actions to do what they want them to.

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