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Other Game Sign-ups / Re: Play-by-post Roleplaying Pathfinder
on April 10, 2018, 01:48:01 am to Fruit Punch Samurai G
Im god
Other Game Sign-ups / Re: Play-by-post Roleplaying Pathfinder
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on March 12, 2018, 06:07:28 pm to Fruit Punch Samurai G
Btw Jason, this is how I want my stats arranged

Str- Highest
Wis- Lowest
General Discussion / Re: So what else is going on?
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on November 30, 2017, 01:17:18 am to PimpWilly
I am seriously considering trying something different, and getting me back into the forums more often. Work has been a bitch with the new Job, and my desire to play mafia has been pretty much kept in check by playing One Night Werewolf offline. Though if somebody wants to run a ONUT game here I'm in.

But Im probably going to create a sub forum somewhere and run a dnd game as Play by Post, and hopefully use that as a way to check in and run things without having to worry about things being time sensitive and missing deadlines. So keep an eye out for that.
General Discussion / Re: So what else is going on?
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on August 11, 2017, 12:41:50 am to PimpWilly
Heres what happened since yesterday.

Wake up, talk with the new company, get the offer (5k less than Im making now). Email back asking questions (start date, how long I have to accept, etc). Contacted my old Manager, and saw that he was now at Adobe. He tells me he may have some really exciting opportunities for me, where I could work remote. When I informed him of my offer, he basically says "Well I can offer you 100% work remotely and way more salary." But then didn't hear back after that. Disney says they are slowed down and wont begin my next process until next week at the earliest.

Tell my manager at IBM that I am leaving for outside opportunities. Put in my official 2 weeks notice. Talk with another old manager, who basically is with a bunch of my old coworkers at a new company, doing updated versions of everything I've been working on for 8 years: right up my alley. Make plans to talk with them, they say I can work fully remote if I work there.

Talk with Blizzard. Was really awesome, their phone service is narrated by Deckard Cain, explain the situation and how I have an offer waiting, but I am really intrigued by the opportunity at Blizzard because it would be a dream company to work for. She says it may help push it through faster.

Talk with the original company I got the offer from, they asked why I was curious about how long I had to sign, I explained how I had other opportunities I was still exploring and while I really liked their company, these were kind of possibilities that were unique. He asked if there was anything they can do with the offer package to make me accept right away. I told him I liked what they were offering, but that Disney is Disney, the other company was offering me tons more money, and that I didn't expect them to be able to match that offer. He again asks if theres anything he can do to make me sign right now... so I asked if he could match my current salary. Its end of day for him so he says he will see what he can do, but if he can get that match would I be willing to sign right away? I say yes.

Phew. Sit on it all night, agonizing. Do I take the safe, but also pretty awesome opportunity that is right there, or do I hold out for potential bigger payout? Am I selling myself short? One of my friends thinks so, that I am in demand and I can get more. But I just got done going through weeks of failed interviews, so its not as easy. With kids and a family, I dont think I have the luxury to really get greedy. The only bad choice I can make is to hold out and then end up with nothing. Mentally plan to take the offer even if they can't match.

Next day, the other company that wants me to work remote contacts me. Says theres no immediate position for me, but would like to consider me for full time down the road, or as a consultant in the next few months if they manage to acquire Home Depot. Home Depot, for what its worth, is a current customer of mine at IBM that is looking for a new solution, and is possibly migrating to this other company. They are trying to negotiate gaining the source code, and if they can do that I might have a good shot at consulting for them to get things going. Anyway, its clear they're not going to move at a pace to counter the existing offer.

Talk with the guy offering me the position, he says they agreed to match my salary that I am making now (5k increase from the original offer). I agree that this works for me, and that I will honor my word, and have just signed and sent in my acceptance letter.

So, looks like my fate is sealed. Im excited, but now may have to live with the regret of what could have been.

Technically I start on the 23rd (negotiated to start after Evo weekend since Im going for sat/sunday this year) so I have some time, but its pretty shitty to back out after signing the offer letter, even if its completely legal.

So yeah. Been a big week for me.
General Discussion / Re: So what else is going on?
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on August 11, 2017, 12:41:19 am to ForgeDigger
Good thing. Got an offer. People want to party.
General Discussion / Re: Evo 2017 Jesus Toast Mafia meetup: Don't bitch out, just come
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on July 10, 2017, 07:40:06 pm to Reiraku
Make it a ten foot long banner that just says "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGS!"
General Discussion / Re: So what else is going on?
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on June 22, 2017, 07:00:55 pm to Alpha

Posting this here so I can watch it later.
Game Threads / Re: One Night Ultimate Toogs - Game 8
on June 18, 2017, 07:32:09 pm to PimpWilly
Get your lies straight so I can stop lying lol I just want you to vote my way damn it
Game Threads / Re: One Night Ultimate Toogs - Game 5
on May 28, 2017, 11:16:03 am to Blindknagg
Game mechanics aside, this is a scummy post from BK. After all these years, I'm finally learning to read you.

Well, I mean, I''ve pretty much been admitting to being the lone toogs all game so ofc it's a scummy post.

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